Ryan Reynolds Revealed His Favorite Restaurant Of All Time

When Ryan Reynolds isn't donning Deadpool's wise-cracking persona and form-fitting red and black suit, he's an ordinary guy who chews his food one forkful at a time, just like everyone else. And, just like regular folk, he enjoys his food.

So what restaurants get two thumbs-up from this Hollywood A-lister? When it comes to a pizza pie, Reynolds told Men's Health magazine that the primo destination is Patsy's Pizza in Harlem, calling it "the best on the whole planet." (Interestingly, Patsy's also made Mashed's list of the best 19 pizza shops in New York.) According to The Guardian, the celeb says Europe's best Indian food is found at the Light of India in Ellesmere Port, U.K. — a pronouncement that got the restaurant's phones "ringing off the hook." The owner says he'd love to name a dish after Reynolds, offering up "the Deadpool masala" as a possibility.

And when he heads to his hometown of Vancouver, Canada, Reynolds says he has to pay a visit to Benny's Bagels and "cram an inhuman amount of bread into my face" (via Vancouver Is Awesome). His childhood fav was a purveyor of Jamaican patties called The Patty Shop, a Kitsilano eatery. But where on Earth is the place that takes the top spot? According to CBC, Reynolds shared during a Netflix interview that his "favorite restaurant in the world" calls Vancouver home as well.

Reynolds' favorite eatery is Minerva's

Meet Minerva's, a Greek eatery in the city's Kerrisdale neighborhood and Reynolds' favorite eatery. In fact, the star once revealed to CBC that when filming "Deadpool" movies in Vancouver, he and his wife Blake Lively ate there three times a week. He added that it was "not the greatest idea when you have to wear a skin-tight red onesie every day." The star enjoys the food at Minerva's so much that he has tweeted," I'm gonna continue eating there after I die." Now that would be a neat trick.

When a Narcity editor decided to explore Reynolds' recommendation, she found herself pleasantly surprised. Initially, she was puzzled, saying that its family restaurant vibe didn't jibe with her notion of what a Hollywood celeb's favorite eatery would be. Upon visiting the establishment, however, she understood why Ryan Reynolds wants to visit it all the time thanks to their amiable staff, tasty food, and "certain charm that's undeniable." And she's not the only one checking out Minerva's. The restaurant owner told CBC that on the night following Reynolds' shout-out the eatery "ran out of most of the menu by 7:00 pm." It has since been inundated with phone calls from all over North America and had reservations booked up to three months in advance.