These Are The 19 Best Pizza Shops In New York

Lump it in with bagels, Italian ices, and diner coffee: pizza is a New York City staple. But where to go for the best is a matter of much contention, not just because there are so many places to choose from, but because NYC boasts loads of different pizza styles.

Some prefer a sloppy slice eaten on the go: sprinkled with red pepper flakes or Parmesan (or both!) and folded in half before digging in (on or off a paper plate). This is the prototypical NYC slice par excellence. But these days in New York, you'll find anything from Neapolitan pies designed to be eaten with a knife and fork to Detroit-style square slices to pies topped with anything but the classic tomato sauce and mozz'. Picking the best is a matter of opinion ... but we're more than happy to help be the judge of where to go. True pizza fans (no matter their style of choice) have got to pay the following a visit on their next trip to the Big Apple.

1. John's of Bleecker Street

One of the most prototypical pizza offerings in New York is a slice, but you won't find that at John's of Bleecker Street, which has stood strong since 1929. Here, your only option is a whole pie, but frankly, given the delicious pizza and ambiance of this old-school joint, that's not a problem: It is, quite simply, one of the greatest.

The dining room at John's is decorated with photos of famous patrons and complemented by the hand-carved names of many less illustrious but no less wholehearted fans. This slightly grungy style is frankly the ideal atmosphere in which to sample the coal-fired brick oven-cooked pies topped with anything you like, from fennel-laced sausage to meatballs, peppers to onions, and any topping can be put on either half or the whole pie. Even for a self-designated "total snob" who "refuse(s) to accept that you can get a proper pizza anywhere outside Italy," John's has "one of if not the best pizzas."

A special shout-out to the prototypical house salad with romaine, mushrooms, onions, and house-made red wine vinaigrette, which is the ideal foil to these massive, cheesy pizzas.

2. Best Pizza

Did Best Pizza pick their name to trick passers-by into stopping, for SEO purposes ... or because it was true? We may never know, but one thing is certain: it's not an unfair appraisal of this Williamsburg pizza joint, which is known for its short-and-sweet menu of pies, heroes, and salads. A few more hipstery toppings join the more commonplace options, including kale and Calabrian chile, and the cracker-thin crust is perfect for anyone who likes that charred flavor so sought after by fans of a more Neapolitan slice.

After an appearance on The Pizza Show, reviews from some Best Pizza customers became slightly more divisive, while others still clamor to this "hole in the wall in the best way," with one reviewer praising the garlicky tomato sauce and use of a wood-fired oven, "which brings out some hidden flavours that are sure to get your tastebuds tickled."

3. Corner Slice

So named for the grandma-style (aka Sicilian) rectangular pizzas that are its claim to fame, this Gotham Market spot was met by some skepticism by the Infatuation reviewer who wasn't sure that the "people behind a ramen restaurant on the LES" could craft a pizza to meet their expectations. "But they pulled it off," writes the reviewer.

These square slices are all about the crust, according to the reviewer. "The crunchy, airy squares are so light that you can eat three of them and still stay awake during your boss's speech on boosting morale," they write.

One Yelp reviewer praised the combo of old-school retro pizza joint vibes with "modern touches" saying, "If you're a fan of square slices then you will not be disappointed by the quality of the pizza here. It's clear a lot of time went into developing a great crust based on how (...) balanced it is — a satisfying chew with a simultaneously airy almost-crispness to it." The review further went on to add that "It's a difficult balancing act, but Corner Slice has it down to a delicious science."

4. Mama's Too!

While Mama's Too! peddles both round and square pies, it's particularly well-known for the square pepperoni slice, which the Infatuation describes as being "covered in thick little pieces of pepperoni, the edges of which reach toward the sky as if thanking the pizza gods for making them so delicious." Crunchy, rich, and cheesy, it's bona fide deliciousness.

But these slices are not the only thing Mama's Too! has going for it. Square pies topped with rich cacio e pepe sauce or more traditional slices from a round pie are also phenomenal. In the New York Times, food critic Pete Wells acknowledged that this is far from the typical NYC slice, noting that "it combines some of the most appealing elements of a Neapolitan pie with the most satisfying aspects of the archetypal product sold on paper plates from sidewalk windows."

It's lucky that everything is so good, as the only "real downside" of Mama's Too!, according to the Infatuation, is that "slices go quickly, and since you never know what will be available at a given time, a visit can feel like scratching off a lottery ticket or opening a pack of Pokemon cards circa 1999, hoping to get a Charizard. Sometimes you'll get lucky, but sometimes you won't."

5. Williamsburg Pizza

Williamsburg Pizza is a mini-chain of typical paper plate pizza joints the likes of which New York is teeming with, but the quality here is on point, and the sheer size means that "a single slice usually does the trick," according to the Infatuation.

Unlike many spots in the hipster haven with which it shares its name, the folks behind Williamsburg "don't speak at length about where their flour is milled," writes the reviewer. "They just serve some really good pizza." Their main claim to fame? The Fresh! as the storefront sign declares.

The square slices are of particular note, with their beautifully buttery crusts, as are the unique topping options, like the apple bacon square or white truffle oil drizzled atop a wild mushroom slice. And a special hats off to the gluten-free option, which one Yelp reviewer notes scratched her itch for a typical New York pizza that met the demands of her dietary needs.

6. Joe and Pat's

This Staten Island favorite (dubbed "The King of Staten Island Pizza" by New York Magazine) is known for the cracker-thin base of its truly delectable pies. And seeing as it boasts two Manhattan outposts (one in Little Italy and the other on the Lower East Side), it's further expanding its pool of die-hard fans to those who eschew the free ferry.

This spot is known for its vodka sauce pizza, but if you're only getting one pie, a word to the wise: The tricolor is a stalwart, for a reason, pairing marinara, vodka, and pesto sauces for a truly delicious experience and a panoply of different flavors.

Unlike many other spots on this list, Joe and Pat's is a full-service restaurant rather than a pizza parlor, so pizza is joined on the menu by pasta, heroes, and traditional red-sauce-joint mains. That means it's the perfect place to go if you've got friends who don't like pizza (and why do you have friends who don't like pizza?).

7. Joe's

You can't talk about New York-style pizza joints without a reference to Joe's. For many, this pizza spot on Carmine Street makes the best (and most reasonably priced) typical New York City slice around.

"Joe's is the best slice in Manhattan," writes the Infatuation. "It's been like that forever and will remain that way for eternity. If you can make a case for any other slice on the island of Manhattan, please let us know. Then again, you can't, so don't bother." Strong words. 

In all seriousness, this slice is so special perhaps because it's devoid of many of the bells and whistles adorning more hipster pies. On any given day, the pizza counter at Joe's may boast plain, fresh mozzarella, Sicilian, and maybe a pepperoni slice. The Joe's experience is nothing if not efficient: In under 15 minutes, you can snag a slice fresh out of the oven on a paper plate, just as the NYC pizza gods intended.

8. Patsy's Pizza

There are multiple pizza spots called Patsy's in NYC, but the one in Harlem — a stalwart since 1933 – is the address you're looking for if you're in search of this legendary pizza. Founded by Patsy Lanceri, who briefly worked at Lombardi's – the first licensed pizza place in the city — before opening this spot, Patsy's is known for a cracker-thin crust that's nevertheless a bit softer than most. The plain is truly where it's at to let the generational expertise of Patsy's shines.

"Nothing compares to their pizza," writes one reviewer, extolling the virtues of the thin, crunchy crust. "Regis Philbin said it time and time again, but until you go and experience this place you will never understand the yummy pizza it dishes out," writes another. "I only wish they shipped pizzas!!!"

Just be sure to bring enough cash — Patsy's doesn't accept credit cards!

9. Roberta's

Patsy's may not ship pizzas, but Roberta's does! With fans ranging from the Clinton family to Beyonce and Jay-Z and more, Roberta's is a Bushwick legend known for its wood-fired pizza ... and its hour-long lines. 

"The city's love affair with Roberta's seems stronger each year," writes the Michelin guide of this staple, "and for good reason."

Don't get discouraged by the potential wait, though: Once you step through that iconic red door and into the shabby-chic, oh-so-Brooklyn vibe of Roberta's, you'll get what all of the fuss is about. Indeed, the simple, Neapolitan-style pizza is well worth the wait, topped as it is with either house-made mozzarella and tomato sauce or other, more novel combos like pineapple and prosciutto, taleggio and guanciale, or soppressata and jalapeño. You can even snag a punny "Vladimir Putinesca" with anchovies, olives, and capers. Whatever you choose, that perfectly blistered crust will be the ideal foil for the truly top-notch toppings.

10. Di Fara

This slice spot has been serving up delightful pizza driven by carefully sourced ingredients since 1965 — far before it was cool to know who made your mozzarella or who milled your flour. Eighty-four-year-old Domenico DeMarco is the illustrious craftsman behind these pizzas, and his careful attention to detail means that the wait — sometimes up to two hours! — is well worth it.

At Di Faro, the pizza is made by hand and never rushed. The regular Neapolitan pizza is topped with fresh basil and several kinds of cheese. It may look simple, but it's an absolute revelation. "I never knew pizza could be this enjoyable," writes one reviewer of this slice. "I can never have pizza from anywhere else, and I don't live in NYC."

Just be sure to have cash at the ready when your turn comes — Di Faro is a resolutely no-cards joint.

11. Two Boots

Two Boots may be a nationwide chain today, but it got its start in the East Village, so we think it counts as an NYC pizza place. And today, over 30 years after it was first founded, it remains well with a visit. 

Two Boots is named for the similar geographical shapes of Italy and Louisiana. Specialized in thin-crust pies and "wackier" combos, Two Boots is the place to be for pizza topped with anything from crawfish to creoel chicken not to mention red pepper pesto, fresh garlic, breaded and fried eggplant, and more. Its pies are nearly always punny in name (think Night Tripper, The Bayou Beast, or Meat the Mets) and anything but boring; indeed, Two Boots has been around forever for a reason. And a special shoutout to its vegan pies made with Daiya plant-based cheeses, which mean that anyone can dig into a slice here.

12. L'Industrie

L'Industrie is anything but your typical NYC pizza, but if you're willing to suspend your attachment to a more traditional paper plate slice, your taste buds will be rewarded.

For one, the dough base here is the stuff of legend: Super thin and slightly funky thanks to its long fermentation, it's the ideal blistered base upon which to enjoy this spot's prototypical thin layer of tomato sauce and rich mozzarella. Enjoy the pizza plain, or choose from among fresh ingredients imported from Italy like parmesan or artisanal pepperoni. A special shoutout to the burrata slice, which is topped, not with a cold blob of the cream-infused cheese, but rather with torn chunks that melt irresistibly into the base.

Thanks in large part to its Florentine founder, L'Industrie certainly skews more straight-up Italian than Italian American, but it's fresh, delightful, and a welcome deviation from your average pie shop slice.

13. Totonno's Pizzeria

This Coney Island staple, which has been operating on the same spot since 1924, threatened closing during the pandemic, sparking fear in the hearts of its biggest fans. Luckily, the closure proved to be only temporary — much to the relief of stalwart lovers of these thin-crust pizzas cooked in a coal oven and topped with ingredients straight from Italy. 

Totonno's is a family affair, run by the grandchildren of Anthony (Totonno) Pero, who got his start working for Lombardi's — NYC's first licensed pizzeria — in the early 1900s. It's the oldest family-run pizzeria in the country. Totonno's more than makes up for its almost legendarily rude and cold service with what is "seriously THE BEST PIZZA" according to reviewers. "In my opinion, the best, yes the wait is long but boy you'll be glad you waited, the best!" said one reviewer before adding, "How many times can I say the best pizza[?]"

14. Emmy Squared

Given its name, it's perhaps no surprise that Emmy Squared is actually the second restaurant from the folks behind Emily. What is a surprise is that it's so popular in NYC, capital of pizza, seeing as it's specialized in Detroit-style pizza pies. 

Wait, don't go! Even if you're a stalwart New York pizza lover, Emmy Squared deserves a shot. This thick, square pizza is known for boasting sauce on top of its cheese, and trust us: It will change the way you think about pizza. Fluffy crust and molten mozzarella define these square slices, which can then be topped with anything from ranch dressing to chorizo to chile, to simple pepperoni. It's the latter that has proven to be the frontrunner for the best slice on the menu, at least according to the reviewer from the Infatuation. And any non-pizza fans at the table (... do they exist?) are more than catered to here; they'll certainly fall in love with the breakfast burger.

15. Louie and Ernie's

A Bronx staple — nay, legend — Louie and Ernie's was categorized as an "iconic" pizzeria by Eater, and for good reason. This neighborhood joint, which has been open since 1959, boasts some of the best thin-crust pizza in town. First opened by the eponymous Louie and Ernie, brothers who got their start in Harlem in 1947, this Pelham Bay staple also makes tasty calzones.

Louie and Ernie's is simple pizza at its finest. The restaurant is known particularly for its white and sausage pies, and they certainly don't skimp on the toppings here. The Godfather, specifically, boasts a delicious hodgepodge of sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, and onions, but you can also mix and match meats and veggies as you like. Whether you go for a loaded pie or grab a simple slice, no matter what you choose, one thing is for sure: You definitely won't fuhgeddaboudit!

16. Grimaldi's Pizzeria

Named the number one pizzeria in New York by Zagat, this pizza joint has been in its current location in Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood since 1990. Founder Patsy Grimaldi first learned the pizzaiolo trade in 1941 at the tender age of 12 at another of our top NYC pizza spots, Patsy's in Harlem. (That eponymous Patsy was this Patsy's uncle. You following?) Today, Grimaldi's is known as much for its pizza as for its picturesque location just under the Brooklyn Bridge. Its current owner, Frank Ciolli, bought the spot back in 1998, and under his management, it still tempts locals and out of towners alike.

A word to the wise: Grimaldi's peddles exclusively pies (no slices!), so be sure to gather a group of pizza lovers together to enjoy this delicious pizza with toppings ranging from simple tomato and mozzarella to ricotta, sausage, pesto, and more. No matter which you choose, it's impossible to be disappointed.

17. Artichoke Basille's

Artichoke Basille's is nothing if not divisive. There are always super long lines to get your hands on one of the mini-chain's massive cream-and-artichoke topped slices, but for some, like Paulie Gee of Paulie Gee's pizzeria in Greenpoint, the charred crust veers into the wholly burnt territory, while Serious Eats' Adam Kuban claims the slice's texture is off: too crisp to fold and soggy in the middle. The artichoke slice is this spot's namesake for a reason, with a thick crust topped with butter, cream, and, by some accounts, not quite enough artichoke.

Reviewer J. Kenji López-Alt writes, indeed, that the ultra-hefty slice should not be folded — it's just too heavy, and the cracker-thin crust just shatters. But he loves the balanced sauce, the rich cheese, and the toppings.

"I can easily see how a New Yorker could look down on this slice," he writes. "And that's because it's not a New York slice. However, I personally find it pretty delicious. I've done pizza walking tours with non-New Yorkers (who thus don't have a New York pizza bias), more than one of whom have said Artichoke's Margherita was the best they tasted." So what if it's not a "New York-style pizza" good pizza is good pizza. 

18. Prince Street Pizza

All of Prince Street's pizza choices are tasty, but let's be honest: you know why you're here. Prince Street Pizza is a pizza joint synonymous with its iconic "Spicy Spring" (and yes, it's trademarked)! The square slice is topped with fresh mozzarella, spicy Fra Diavolo sauce, pecorino romano cheese, and a truly generous amount of thick-cut pepperoni that, once in the oven, curls into beautiful cups or flowers of spicy cured sausage. Open since 2012, this spot frequently has lines out the door, with folks clamoring to get their hands on a slice of the irresistible pizza. 

"I've refrained from writing this review because I predicted that one day Prince's would let me down and I would have to revoke the five stars," writes one reviewer of this spot. "After my 10th time eating their pizza, I can tell you without a doubt, the best slice in Manhattan." Well, that has us convinced!

19. L&B Spumoni Gardens

Brooklyn's L&B Spumoni Gardens is a neighborhood staple, open since 1939 and home to one of the top Sicilian pizzas around. Seriously. Chewy and doughy with a crispy bottom surface, these slices are known for a thinner layer of cheese (wait, don't go!) and a very thick layer of red sauce. That balance is key: gooey cheese marries with that sauce both sweet and acidic, and a choir of angels singing.

"That sauce is what it's all about," writes The Infatuation. "Like it or love it, this slice is different than any you've had."

Unsurprisingly, L&B Spumoni Gardens is also known for its namesake spumoni. This frozen Italian dessert is essentially a milk sherbet — consider it the lovechild of Italian ice and ice cream. It unites pistachio, almond, and chocolate flavors for an all-in-one sweet that's beloved by visitors and locals alike. In fact, Brooklynite Joey Fatone is purportedly a massive fan!