Aldi's Smoked Atlantic Salmon Is Thriving With Boozy Flavors

If you've noticed that your grocery bill is rising, it's because inflation is the worst it's been in over 40 years. This means that you might be skipping out on some pricier ingredients like fish. Although fresh fish isn't by any means cheap, the reason why smoked salmon is so expensive is that the meat only comes from one part of the fish, which is the fillet. But if you do want to treat yourself, you can also find smoked salmon at discount grocery stores like Aldi.

Instagram user @aldi.mademedoit shared a photo of Gold Smoked Atlantic Salmon from Aldi and it's not just your ordinary smoked salmon. The package shows that there are three flavors of smoked salmon, and each is from a different alcoholic beverage. This includes Decadent Wine Flavored salmon, Old Fashioned Flavored salmon, and Mojito Flavored salmon. For an at-home happy hour, whip up a quick cocktail and set out some crackers to pair with this smoked salmon that shoppers seem to love.

The smoked salmon flavors come through each bite even with Aldi's boozy twist

On @aldi.mademedoit's Instagram post, Aldi shoppers seem enthusiastic about these smoked salmon flavors. One person wrote, "Are these in stores now?! I would love to try the mojito." @aldi.mademedoit confirmed that this product is available in Aldi stores now, and adventurous eaters have more unique smoked salmon flavors to try.

For some people, cocktail flavors in salmon might seem off-putting — you might think that a minty mojito or a flavorful red wine could overpower the fish. On a post in the Aldi subreddit, one user who tried the smoked salmon commented, "The primary flavor was definitely of the salmon. I honestly tried but could not distinguish one flavor from the other but they were all very good."

If you love topping your bagels with smoked salmon, then this might not last long in your kitchen. But if you don't plan on eating all of the salmon right away, don't leave it in the fridge too long. According to Michael Symon, smoked salmon can last much longer when the fish is cured, and it's always a good idea to eat an opened package of smoked salmon within a few days.