Here's What The Viral Croissant Emoji Means

We had high hopes for mankind's accomplishments this day and age, and yet here we all are tackling viral TikTok trends. From coming up with bizarre food trends to creating a Hot Cheeto tomb for future generations to discover, TikTokers often do things that don't really make sense. But if you're able to readjust your focus from the futility of it all and see the brighter side, at least there is some entertainment to be derived.

If you've hung out on TikTok lately, you might have noticed that the netizens have developed a newfound affinity toward the croissant emoji. In fact, there is a battalion of TikTok users, AKA the "#CroissantArmy," who have been dedicatedly flooding videos with croissant emojis in the comments.

Now, some emojis — like the pinched fingers emoji that basically means "What do you want?" in Italian (via Emojipedia) — don't need accompanying words to communicate precisely how you're feeling. The croissant emoji, on the other hand, has baffled some netizens because it essentially signifies...a croissant. So why all the croissant comments? Allow us to enlighten you as we dissect the strange fad.

It all started with a perplexed paramedic

Last December, TikToker @thesleepyparamedic posted a video asking user @spectrexxxx why they had been posting so many croissant comments on his videos. He pleaded for the user to stop or at least give him an explanation, but the video backfired and invited a blizzard of croissant comments from other users. "I will never be able to look at a croissant the same way again," @thesleepyparamedic quipped in another video.

The situation escalated, and soon many of @thesleepyparamedic's videos were flooded with tiny cartoons of the pastry. Unfazed, the TikToker decided to run with the attention and initiated "operation crumb blast," calling all TikTokers to drop a croissant on every video they came across on TikTok, especially the ones by fellow paramedics. He later reported that at least 50 TikTokers in the EMS community on TikTok had found that their comment section resembled a boulangerie.

And that's the story behind the viral croissant emoji on TikTok. As @thesleepyparamedic continues to deploy troops to unleash a new species of comments on oblivious TikTokers' videos, bake yourself some delicious homemade chocolate croissants while enjoying the wonderful world of the internet.