Halo Top Just Dropped A New Flavor For Valentine's Day

It seems that love and ice cream are in the air. With Valentine's Day on the horizon, companies are dropping new initiatives and products left, right, and center. White Castle's Valentine's Day tradition of upscale fine dining is back, while Valentine's Day gift guides are spewing chocolates and flower bouquets. Just to be clear, we are not complaining about receiving decadent candies and vibrant flowers, just pointing out the mere facts.

Halo Top has now hopped on the Valentine's Day train with a new flavor, after changing its recipe for a "creamer" taste in 2022, per Instagram. Per information sent to Mashed, the low-calorie ice cream brand introduced a limited-edition Raspberry White Chip pint. Halo Top describes the dessert as a raspberry light ice cream mixed in with sweet crunchy white chips at 340 calories per pint for $4.99. For reference, an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream is about 1,000 calories (via Popsugar).

Raspberry White Chip is only available for a limited time

Unfortunately, Raspberry White Chip won't be on shelves for long. The Valentine's Day flavor will be available nationwide through July 2023. For ice cream fans looking to get their hands on Raspberry White Chip asap, Halo Top's product finder allows you to locate where the pint is near you. Sounds like the perfect treat for a night in with a rom-com.

After Halo Top sold to Blue Bunny in 2019, the dessert brand announced an abundance of new flavors and fun initiatives following major holidays. Halo Top recently brought back its limited edition gingerbread house flavor last winter, introduced sorbets in the summer, and dropped an ice-cream inspired workout line to aid New Year's resolutions. According to Food Dive, the company has seen a serious dip in sales over the past four years, which could have something to do with the new product releases and limited-edition flavors.