Shaquille O'Neal's Krispy Kreme Is Reopening After Arson Attack In 2021

In February 2021, the historic Ponce de Leon Krispy Kreme in Atlanta caught fire overnight in what was eventually ruled as a targeted arson towards the nearly 60-year-old building (per What Now Atlanta). In July, before there was even a chance for the brand to start reconstruction, the location caught fire again, leaving the company no choice but to demolish the structure.

A few years before the Krispy Kreme was set aflame, Shaquille O'Neal purchased it in 2016 in an effort to save the iconic store — which WSB-TV notes has been open since 1965 — from permanent closure. The fire didn't slow down either Shaq or the doughnut chain, as they both vowed to eventually restore what was lost. Before that was possible, though, a pop-up shop had to be built as a stand-in for the holiday season in 2021. Unfortunately, despite the $10,000 reward offered by the fire department, the person responsible for the original arson has still not been caught.

As promised, Shaq and Krispy Kreme are making a comeback at Ponce de Leon, according to Bake Mag, with a revamp the company seems to be proud of.

The refurbished location will open this summer

Krispy Kreme and Shaquille O'Neal are now rebuilding the scorched Midtown, Atlanta store, and the company believes fans will be thrilled with the new format (via Bake Mag). Along with all the aspects that make the doughnut chain unique, the store will feature an original 1960s exterior sign including a plague and mural commemorating the shop lost in the fire. Krispy Kreme global chief brand officer Dave Skena believes the company has "struck a balance of modernization and honoring the historical significance of our Ponce shop's location."

According to What Now Atlanta, the new shop is estimated to cost $1,400,000 and span 4,035 square feet. The dining room, which will be extensively lit with several surrounding windows, will include 22 seats, and a drive-thru will be available as well. O'Neal is also excited about the new rendition, and the basketball icon told Bake that the brand is "bouncing back better than [he] ever imagined." The new location is set to open sometime this summer. When it reopens, do you think donuts will be added to the list of what Shaq eats in a day?