Deion Sanders Is Ready For The Super Bowl 2023 With Hilarious Oikos Ad

With the Super Bowl around the corner, Eagles and Chiefs fans will be rooting for their respective teams in football's biggest game of the year. But even if you're not a big sports fan, there's a lot to be excited about during the Super Bowl. If you're all about the snacks, we've rounded up the recipes you need for Super Bowl LVII, from nachos to wings. For music lovers, pop star Rihanna is sure to put on a memorable halftime show. And if you're watching the Super Bowl for the ads, there are a lot of stars to look out for.

According to Variety, Fox is charging advertisers $6 million to $7 million for a 30-second ad, so companies hope to make their commercials shine with hilarious moments and well-known celebrities.

For the Super Bowl, who better to cast in an ad than someone who's embedded in football? In a press release, yogurt brand Oikos announced that it would be bringing back football coach Deion Sanders to its commercial. Last year, Oikos' ad featured Sanders and one of his sons trying to outdo each other's strength. Here's what the greek yogurt company has in store for 2023.

Oikos' Super Bowl ad features Sanders and his family

In this year's Oikos Super Bowl spot, Deion Sanders is once again showing off his athleticism with his family members. But now, Sanders is competing with his whole family at a picnic. The commercial starts with the Sanders family opening up servings of Oikos Greek yogurt, before quickly turning into a fierce competition of strength, from crushing footballs to smashing tables.

Sanders isn't the only athlete in his family. The press release explains that the commercial also stars his daughter Shelomi, who is a basketball player, and his sons Shilo and Shedeur, who both play football. Sanders' sister, Tracie, makes an appearance, and like last year's commercial, Sanders' mother, Connie, steals the show with a snarky and knowing look.

If you're ready to see the Sanders family in action, Oikos' full ad is available online, and of course, you'll see it if you tune into the Super Bowl. Wondering who else will be showing up in Super Bowl ads this year? In an ad for Avocados from Mexico, Anna Faris bares it all, and "Breaking Bad" returns to TV for PopCorners.