TikTok Has Mixed Feelings About NYC's Ricotta Scrambled Eggs

Though eggs reached record-high prices in 2022, that hasn't stopped enthusiasts of what is often referred to as the "perfect protein" from getting their hands on them. And fortunately, for those who live in New York City, there's a restaurant that specializes in the exact food item.

Egg Shop has a location in Williamsburg and Nolita, and it is for egg-lovers, and egg-lovers only. Opened in 2014 by husband and wife team, Demetri Makoulis and Sarah Schneider, with the help of chef Nick Korbee, this niche restaurant crafts main dishes solely made of eggs (via Egg Shop).

There are so many ways to prepare an egg, and this restaurant has mastered them all. From the poached "Spandex" eggs on its menu to the classic sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich, there are a plethora of options to choose from. But one TikTok account recently documented its visit to the business, and the dish it filmed at Egg Shop raised a lot of eyebrows.

This dish gave some the 'ick'

You've seen people mix everything from feta to cottage cheese in their scrambled eggs, but what about ice cream in eggs? Probably not. A lot of other TikToker users were also taken aback by this possibility, when the caption of @devourpower's video read in all capital letters, "ICE CREAM SCRAMBLED EGGS!"

The user later clarified that they were, "Just kidding," and the dish they were really filming was the restaurant's ricotta scramble. According to the menu, this dish is served on sourdough bread and is made out of a signature egg scramble. As seen in the video, a hefty scoop of ricotta is then spooned into the pan. This type of cheese, which is extremely thick and creamy, can be easily mistaken for ice cream.

And many TikTokers felt for the trick in the comments, with one user writing, "You had me [flushed face emoji] at Ice Cream Scrambled Eggs." But some users weren't even interested in giving the dish a try, with @florenceinflorence writing, "I thought it was slime." However, some commenters sang praises. Regardless, whether or not you're located in New York City, this dish can easily be recreated at home with the ingredients shown in the video.