TikTok Says Reese's Animal Crackers At Costco Are 'Dangerous But Totally Worth It'

In January 2023, Reese's announced that it will be releasing a new product — Reese's Dipped Animal Crackers. According to PR Newswire, this mashup between the two iconic treats brings childhood nostalgia to new and old snackers alike.

Its release comes at a time when SweeTARTS and chocolate-shaped hearts pack the shelves of almost every grocery store and pharmacy. But you don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy this new sweet. Similar to the good old days when distributing candy among classmates was the norm on Valentine's Day, a person can still easily grab a pack of these animal crackers to share with friends. And with both Animal Crackers and Reese's being around for decades and bringing in their respective fanbases, there is no doubt they'll do well while being passed around at Galentine's Day celebrations or around the office.

And sharing this new product is made a lot easier, with one TikToker finding them in bulk at Costco.

Costco sells them in giant, wholesale bags

@costcohotfinds, a heavily-followed TikTok fan account, recently discovered bags of the Reese's-covered Animal Crackers at Costco. The TikTok user describes them as "dangerous but totally worth it."

Compared to a normal Reese's cup, this product is a little different, having an animal cracker core rather than peanut butter inside. But don't fret, peanut butter isn't absent completely from this treat. As seen in the clip, the top layer of the cracker is smeared in peanut butter, mimicking the elements of a typical Reese's interior. And to balance the saltiness out, the bottom of the animal cracker appears to be coated in sweet milk chocolate, like the exterior of a typical Reese's cup.

Not only that, but at Costco, they come in massive containers that weigh over one pound. And while it is totally up to the buyer if they want to buy an entire bag to share with friends, they can also easily keep it for themselves.