Jennifer Lopez's Dunkin' Order In The 2023 Super Bowl Ad Is A Classic Favorite

We all knew Ben Affleck would pose as a Dunkin' employee for a Super Bowl 2023 ad. It's been the worst-kept sports-slash-celebrity secret of the pre-game season, with clips, leaks, and surmisals galore. Fortunately, the hype delivered. In the high-profile advertisement, which aired during the first commercial break of the big game, Affleck took a low-profile approach, dressing like an average fast-food worker and interacting with unsuspecting fans. All with that unmistakable Boston accent you either love or hate. We love it! And so does his wife, Jennifer Lopez, apparently. 

However, when she surprises Super Bowl viewers when a cameo drive-thru, the tongue was lashing out, not in. Scolding her famous hubby as he fumbles with orders and poses for selfies, she demands some answers. "What are you doing here?, she asks, "Is that what you do when you say you're going to work all day?" Before even waiting for his justification for hanging out with donuts all day, she tosses out a four-word line revealing her Dunkin' passion. 

Jennifer Lopez ordered a classic glazed donut

Affleck knows when the game is up, quickly telling his Dunkin' coworkers that he's gotta go. That's when his Jennifer Lopez gives him a chance to redeem himself – with a Dunkin' donut: "Grab me a glaze!" Of course, Lopez goes for a sweet indulgent classic like the plain glazed.

According to Spoon University, whose ranking staffers apparently know their pastries, both the chocolate and plain glazed donuts land within the top 10 best Dunkin' donuts. But as a Dunkin' fan like her husband, Ben Affleck, J. Lo has probably had some experience rating the chain's donuts. In fact, Page Six reported in August that the couple was seen snagging coffee and donuts at the chain. We wouldn't be surprised if the order included a glazed treat.

JLo and Affleck have been out and about grabbing Dunkin'

Per Page Six, the couple made the Dunkin' run to a Santa Monica, California location after enjoying lunch together with Jennifer Lopez's two children and one of Ben Affleck's three children. Affleck sported a t-shirt reading "Believe in Boston," undoubtedly paying a tribute to his Massachusetts hometown pride because, as we know, Dunkin' is headquartered in the Boston area.

But this wasn't the only time the "Jenny From the Block" singer and "Batman v. Superman" actor — along with their kids — have dined at a Dunkin' together. According to Daily Mail, back in November the casually dressed pair visited a Los Angeles, California Dunkin' eatery leaving with three drinks and a bag of goodies — we'd bet there was a glazed donut in there! In photos featured on the publication's website, JLo is seen carrying a whipped cream-topped coffee drink as well as a green-colored drink while Affleck carries a Dunkin' iced coffee. Interestingly, iced coffee is popular in New England even during the colder months with winter weathering patrons optioning for the iced version rather than a hot coffee all year round – perhaps Affleck is staying true to his roots!

One can only begin to imagine that Affleck is priming Lopez to become just as much of a Dunkin' fan as he is, and, per an interview from the red carpet premiere of Lopez's new movie "Shotgun Wedding," he has been quite successful.

This isn't the first Super Bowl that's shown JLo's love for donuts

During a red carpet interview with Access Hollywood appearing on YouTube, Lopez spoke about her newfound affinity for Dunkin' that she has developed thanks to her husband. When asked when she "accept[ed] her man's love for Dunkin' donuts," JLo responded, "We love Dunkin' donuts. It's amazing." Lopez expanded beyond glazed when asked about her favorite flavors, also including strawberry frosted with sprinkles, chocolate frosted, and anything crunchy.

But Lopez's passion for donuts isn't anything new and actually predates her newly rekindled relationship with Affleck. Per Miami New Times, when Lopez performed at the halftime show in the Super Bowl in 2020, she had a donut in the wings offstage and it was the first thing she asked for after the performance. The donuts weren't from Dunkin', however — after all she had yet to be introduced to the chain's magic by her future husband — but rather two custom Super Bowl-themed donuts made just for her by Mojo Donuts out of Miami. In a YouTube video of Lopez coming off stage after the performance, she is seen hugging supporters, including former fiance Alex Rodriguez, and stating, "Give me a donut. Give me a donut. They said if I did good I could have a donut."

With a donut passion cultivated before getting back together with Affleck, it's no surprise that today Lopez loves to dig into a Dunkin' donut, especially a glazed.