Ben Affleck Proves Dreams Come True In Dunkin' Super Bowl 2023 Ad

This Super Bowl Sunday, Dunkin' will be airing its first Super Bowl ad accompanied by actor Ben Affleck. This has been hinted at over the past week, as Dunkin' has shared cryptic messages on Instagram, such as "Something's Ben Brewing." "We're airing our first-ever Super Bowl ad this year, but you'll have to tune in on Sunday to see what's 'Ben' brewing," chief marketing officer Jill Nelson said (per Good Morning America). This, along with the Instagram posts, is the only information the brand will offer until the commercial airs Sunday, February 12.

At first, it's possible the "Ben" in question could have been any number of celebrities, but in a new Instagram post, Affleck's voice can be heard through the Dunkin' drive-thru. Commenters and fans quickly caught on, writing "Ben Affleck and Dunkin' are 2 of my favorite things," and "Ben Affleck is that you?" It seems that the internet feels pretty confident they've cracked the Dunkin' mystery.

Fans encountered Ben Affleck at the drive-thru a month ago

Dunkin' representatives may be keeping the details on its Super Bowl 2023 commercial a secret, but we'll leave that up to you to decide. According to People, Ben Affleck was seen reaching out a drive-thru window to hand out food and beverages. The Massachusetts store was a fitting choice since Affleck, himself, is from Boston. While serving as the guest employee, the star gave unsuspecting customers their orders for free, while donning a Dunkin' uniform. Affleck was even spotted at the location with his sweetheart, Jennifer Lopez.

A month ago, a Reddit user captured a photo of Affleck at the location, though nothing was known about any related Super Bowl commercial at the time. So suffice to say, fans were confused. "Is he researching a role? Just bored? For free coffee and donuts? I am legitimately curious about why this is happening," one comment read. If the internet is way ahead of Dunkin' on its Super Bowl ad, the brand need not feel bad. It's no secret that Affleck and the chain have a mutual love.