Iced Coffee Drinks From Dunkin's Secret Menu You Need To Try

The well-known coffee and bakery chain Dunkin' opened its doors at a single location in 1950 and has since grown into a nationwide franchise. Although it began with simply coffee and donuts, Dunkin' now offers a wide array of food and drink items for customers to enjoy. Most notably, its menu now includes an ever-growing assortment of popular iced coffees, which many enjoy all year long. According to the Dunkin' website, the chain began offering Hazelnut and French Vanilla coffee flavors in 1995. Today, there are multiple flavor swirls and shots on the menu, and new seasonal options pop up every few months. Thanks to all of this variety, thousands of possible Dunkin' iced coffee drink combinations exist. 

The Dunkin' menu offers plenty of great iced coffee options, but fans of the chain should also explore the seemingly endless possibilities from the unofficial secret menu. Over the years, customers and employees have flooded social media with unique ideas to make iced coffee taste like popular candy bars and favorite desserts. Some creative social media users have even found ways to recreate discontinued flavors, making it possible to enjoy a delicious blast from the past anytime. So, whether you miss your favorite limited-time flavor of iced coffee or want to make your usual order more creative, there is likely to be an option on the Dunkin' secret menu for you. 

Toasted French Vanilla

Secret menus have become popular on social media, and some brands like to get in on the action themselves. These brands readily offer suggestions for how consumers can get creative with their existing menu options to create something new. For example, in 2018, Dunkin' published some secret menu suggestions of its own. The piece commemorates the first day of spring, but the flavor suggestions are worth trying during any season. One of the iced coffee hacks it suggests is Toasted French Vanilla, a unique twist on its classic French Vanilla flavor. Those who enjoy the slightly nutty notes of Dunkin's seasonal flavor, Toasted White Chocolate, will probably also enjoy this combination. 

In addition to being available all year, this secret menu drink is also incredibly easy to order. According to the article, this menu hack combines equal parts of the French Vanilla flavor swirl and the Toasted Almond flavor shot. The recipe doesn't specify how many shots to order, but the 1:1 ratio likely works with any number. The writer also suggests pairing these with almond milk for best results, but it's likely delicious with dairy-based milk as well. According to the Dunkin' website, all of the coffee flavor swirls contain dairy and are higher in calories than flavor shots. Those who are calorie-conscious or prefer dairy-free options can still try this secret menu flavor by substituting a Vanilla flavor shot for the French Vanilla swirl. 

Samoas Cookie

Girl Scout cookies have been a favorite treat for U.S. consumers since 1917, and many people eagerly look forward to the annual cookie-selling season. Dunkin' has supported the Girl Scouts program for several years, even introducing a line of cookie-inspired flavor swirls in 2018, per Dunkin'. According to its website, this partnership also included an invitation for local Girl Scouts to sell their cookies in select restaurants. Many iced coffee fans enjoyed combining their favorite cookie flavors with their usual iced coffee order. Due to the flavor swirls' popularity, Dunkin' brought them back several years in a row. However, the flavors were available only while Girl Scout cookies were on sale, giving iced coffee aficionados a limited opportunity to enjoy them.

Luckily, one TikTok user cracked the code for enjoying the Coconut Caramel flavor anytime. This one mimics the taste of a Samoas cookie. According to the TikToker, coffee drinkers can recreate this flavor by combining three shots of cream, three pumps of liquid sugar, and one pump each of Mocha, Caramel, and Toasted Coconut flavor swirls. Since the Toasted Coconut flavor swirl isn't available year-round, some of the video's commenters suggest using the standard Coconut flavor shot as a substitute. For those who prefer non-dairy milk options, coconut milk is an easy fit for this recipe.

Almond Joy

Over the years, Dunkin' has featured an array of seasonal and limited-time flavors to enhance its classic coffee drinks. For example, when the Almond Joy flavor swirl hit Dunkin' Donuts in 2016, some iced coffee fans were excited to combine their favorite drink with their favorite candy bar. The launch also included a Heath Bar flavor swirl, and, according to the company's website, both flavors fittingly premiered at Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Sadly, the Almond Joy flavor swirl is no longer part of Dunkin's regular lineup and hasn't made an official return since its initial release. However, Almond Joy lovers can still get this popular limited-time flavor courtesy of a simple secret menu recipe.

One disappointed Reddit user started a thread in 2016 asking whether anyone could recreate their favorite discontinued flavor. Luckily for the original poster, another user had the details. The recipe combines two shots each of Toasted Almond and Coconut flavor shots, along with three pumps of the Mocha flavor swirl. Another user suggested adding almond milk, which would enhance the overall almond flavor of the drink. The final commenter in the thread notes that in their experience this recipe has been a hit with Dunkin' customers. The original poster asked for a recipe appropriate for a medium iced coffee, but this basic ratio would still work for smaller or larger sizes, too.


Although Snickers candy bars have been a common sight on store shelves for decades, this is one iced coffee flavor that has yet to officially appear on a Dunkin' menu. Still, this secret menu iced coffee idea has become popular on social media. For example, one Dunkin' employee took to TikTok to show coffee lovers how to make their drink taste like a Snickers bar. According to the video, customers should ask for two pumps of the Caramel flavor swirl and one pump each of the Mocha and Hazelnut flavor swirls. Finally, add three regular creams plus iced coffee for the perfect blend. Although Dunkin' discontinued the Hazelnut flavor swirl earlier in 2022 (via Mashed), the unsweetened Hazelnut flavor shot is a suitable substitute.

As if this secret menu drink wasn't decadent enough, another TikToker suggests upping the ante by adding sweet cold foam. According to the Dunkin' website, sweet cold foam has a subtle vanilla flavor. Dunkin' initially marketed cold foam as the perfect complement for cold brew coffee, but the TikToker adds it to a basic iced coffee made with the Snickers recipe. Both videos feature a medium iced coffee, so customers who order a large may need to add more flavoring. Almond milk would make a suitable non-dairy substitute and complement the hazelnut shot's flavor.

Nutella Swirl

The world of social media is full of secret menu suggestions from Dunkin' employees that iced coffee fans can use as inspiration for their next order. For example, one creative employee started a Reddit thread to share their favorites. The original poster notes that while working at Dunkin', they spent time experimenting with ingredients to conceptualize a handful of unique concoctions. Most notably, a drink they call Nutella Swirl is at the top of their secret menu list. Nutella hazelnut spread is a delicious sweet treat that, according to the original poster, also makes an excellent iced coffee flavor.

According to the poster, the easiest way for customers to order this drink is to ask for equal amounts of the Hazelnut flavor shot and Mocha flavor swirl. They recommend drinking this beverage with whole milk and suggest adding a turbo shot of espresso for an extra kick. However, the flavor would also work perfectly well with any of Dunkin's non-dairy milk options. The Nutella-inspired combination is so popular that another Reddit user created an entire thread in honor of this menu hack. The thread features comments from other users sharing their love for Nutella Swirl, including a Dunkin' employee who describes this as their go-to beverage while working a shift. 

Upside Down Caramel Macchiato

According to The Darkest Roast, a macchiato is essentially espresso mixed with a small amount of milk. However, the article notes that many coffee chains serve what is known as a "latte macchiato," which contains more milk than the traditional beverage. This type of macchiato has been a Dunkin' staple for years and is an excellent option for iced coffee fans. However, one of the drawbacks of a Dunkin' macchiato is that it is a layered beverage. While it may look pretty, this layering means that the ingredients aren't as well-blended as they are in a traditional iced coffee.

However, one secret menu option offers the perfect solution to this. According to one YouTube user, an Upside Down Caramel Macchiato blends all the layers, meaning every sip is perfectly flavored. Ordering a macchiato upside down is especially useful for ensuring that the entire drink is evenly sweetened since flavor swirls often end up at the bottom of the cup. The YouTuber also explains that this drink is an excellent option for macchiato fans who tend to stir or mix their drink before consuming because it eliminates that extra step. In addition, customers can substitute any flavor swirl or shot for caramel, and iced macchiatos are available with the non-dairy milk options on the Dunkin' menu.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Candy-inspired Dunkin' iced coffee flavors have become common over the years, but one Reddit user shared a unique recipe in a Dunkin' Donuts community thread. The original poster says their creation resembles a white chocolate raspberry truffle, and the thread includes a photo of their order. The recipe calls for two pumps of the seasonal Toasted White Chocolate flavor swirl, one Raspberry flavor shot, and oat milk. One user commented that this drink would likely resemble a White Chocolate Raspberry Latte, which Dunkin' once offered as a limited-time special. According to the Dunkin' website, this iced coffee option was only available for a little over a month to celebrate the 2015 Valentine's Day season. Fans of that discontinued flavor swirl are sure to love this secret menu drink.

Like many secret menu hacks, this recipe has plenty of room for customization. For example, the original poster added these ingredients to a medium hot coffee, but the flavor would be just as delicious in iced coffee. For added creaminess, ask for regular cream instead of oat milk. Furthermore, when the Toasted White Chocolate flavor swirl isn't available, customers can easily alter this recipe by using two pumps of the Mocha flavor swirl instead. Mocha is far more chocolate-forward than the subtly sweet Toasted White Chocolate, but both options create a rich, decadent cup of iced coffee.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

One of the best things about eating sugary cereal is enjoying the sweetly flavored cereal milk afterward. According to Cerealously, Dunkin' capitalized on this breakfast treat with a limited-time latte flavor inspired by the taste of cinnamon cereal milk. Cinnamon and coffee is a classic combination, so it's easy to see why Dunkin' customers may have appreciated this flavor. While the Cerealously reviewer wasn't a big fan, some Reddit users genuinely enjoyed the unique taste of this latte. Unfortunately, the experimental iced coffee was only available in select markets for a short time in 2021 and has yet to receive a nationwide release.

However, one TikTok user shared an easy menu hack for creating a similar beverage. The TikToker calls this secret menu concoction Cinnamon Toast Crunch, after the ever-popular breakfast cereal it resembles. To order one, ask for a medium frozen caramel coffee with two Vanilla flavor shots and four cinnamon sugar. One of the video's commentators recommends combining the Vanilla and Caramel shots with liquid sugar and a heavy dose of cream to achieve the same flavor in a traditional iced coffee. Other comments on the video explain that Dunkin' employees traditionally use cinnamon sugar as a topping for beverages rather than a mix-in. Still, customers can simply stir their iced coffee to combine the cinnamon with the other flavors.

Coco Berry

Blueberry might not be the first flavor most coffee drinkers consider adding to their favorite beverage, but this flavor shot is now a regular fixture on the Dunkin' menu. Like the other flavor shots on the Dunkin' menu, the Blueberry flavor is unsweetened and adds a very subtle taste and aroma. Although Reddit users have given this flavor mixed reviews, some note that this bakery-inspired option is excellent with almond milk. For iced coffee fans struggling to decide how to incorporate this flavor into their next order, the Dunkin' blog offers a great secret menu suggestion: Coco Berry.

According to the blog, a Coco Berry iced coffee combines the Blueberry flavor shot with the Mocha flavor swirl. The blog doesn't offer a specific recipe, but customers can experiment with ingredient ratios to achieve the perfect taste. Since the Blueberry flavor shot debuted, many social media users have posted recipes for their favorite blueberry drinks. Dunkin' fans can use some of these recipes as templates for experimenting with a blueberry-mocha combination. For example, one TikToker orders iced coffee with a 1:1 ratio of Blueberry and French Vanilla flavors, cream, and sweet cold foam. Substitute mocha for the French Vanilla to create a Coco Berry.

Iced Capadunkaccino

Some Dunkin' secret menu drinks blend iced coffee with other items on the popular chain's menu, which can make them more challenging to order. However, some of these unique combinations are worth the effort. For example, one Tiktok user created a drink called an Iced Capadunkaccino. This recipe is more complicated than some other menu hacks, but it essentially mixes a small hot chocolate with ice, five creams, and iced coffee. Next, the Tiktoker blends the whole drink, making a rich, perfectly combined frozen drink that fills a large cup. Finally, to make the Capadunkaccino even more decadent, the TikToker tops their creation with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Based on the creator's reaction to tasting their creation, this drink definitely has a strong taste. It would be great for those who love their iced coffee with a heavy dose of sweetness, but it may not appeal to coffee drinkers who prefer more subtle flavors. Furthermore, in the video's comments, the creator acknowledges that this drink might be difficult for customers to try. Since the drink combines two different products, Dunkin' employees may only be able to make this menu hack in certain circumstances. One option is to ask for a medium iced coffee with cream and a small hot chocolate separately. Then, combine both drinks in a larger cup. Although it won't be as rich as the Tiktoker's frozen concoction, this option incorporates the original recipe's ingredients and will have a similar flavor.

Nutty Pumpkin

Sometimes, secret menu drinks become so popular that restaurants don't want to hide them. For example, pumpkin-flavored seasonal iced coffees have been in demand on social media for years, and Dunkin' decided to add one fan creation to its fall menu in 2022. According to the Dunkin' website, its Nutty Pumpkin Coffee is an homage to menu hacks created by customers. Although Dunkin' has offered Pumpkin Spice flavor swirls in the past, this customer-inspired offering is a new addition to its seasonal lineup.

Dunkin' describes this flavor as a combination of pumpkin pie and coffee by combining traditional pumpkin spice and hazelnut. One Dunkin' employee on TikTok provides a more exact recipe for this fall-friendly drink, which includes three pumps of the Pumpkin Spice flavor swirl, three pumps of the Hazelnut flavor shot, and regular cream. Many commentators on the video report that this iced coffee drink is a delicious take on classic pumpkin beverages. Now that this beverage has made its way onto the Dunkin' mainstream menu, customers can enjoy their favorite seasonal iced coffee more easily than ever. Unfortunately, since the Pumpkin Spice flavor swirl is available for a limited time, iced coffee fans can only enjoy this not-so-secret drink for part of the year.