Hollywood's Hottest Club Is A Taco Bell Cantina

In some ways, Taco Bell seems designed for the nightlife. Many of the chain's locations are open late enough to accommodate people who are in search of a midnight snack. While the chain doesn't advertise that its tacos and burritos are popular options for soaking up alcohol, Spoon University compiled a list of the best items to eat based on how drunk you are. Of course, some well-known offerings may make people want to consume booze. Mountain Dew Baja Blast was so popular that the Taco Bell exclusive was temporarily sold in stores for a limited time in 2022. While the restaurant's website has likened having a Baja Blast to "drinking a real hurricane," there's no alcohol in the bright blue soda, unlike a hurricane cocktail. But Taco Bell didn't take long to realize that the drink appealed to adults.

Some people used this soda to create a Baja Blast Cooler, which is heavy on alcohol. In 2022, fans could buy a booze-infused version of the Taco Bell drink at stores: the Boozy Baja Blast. But that was far from the first time customers could request it with alcohol. Thanks to Taco Bell's cantina restaurants, customers could order a Baja Blast with a choice of vodka or tequila since 2015. Since the cantina's inception, it has expanded nationally. Now, it only has a blast of nightlife in a glass; its newest location arguably resembles a hip nightclub more than a fast food chain.

Get dressed for a night out at ... Taco Bell?

Taco Bell Cantina's newest location popped up in the heart of the Los Angeles nightlife scene, right on Hollywood Boulevard. This is the first Los Angeles location for a Taco Bell Cantina and it chose a historical landmark location inside a former Hollywood Golden Age bookstore, according to Nation's Restaurant News. For those who have never been in a Cantina location, it's essentially a more hip, urban restaurant, with features like alcohol and small bites unique to the cantina. Designed to host DJ parties and movie screenings, this location is embracing its hip Hollywood location.

Customers can expect to order from five digital free-standing kiosks, rather than a cashier. Even these devices arguably capture a taste of the nightlife. Jon Taffer of "Bar Rescue" fame believes the bar industry is shifting toward heavier kiosk use (via InsideHook) while Digital Journal has suggested that an ATM version of the kiosk could define the future of nightclubs.

In addition to selling food and drinks, customers will be able to purchase exclusive Taco Bell merch. No word yet on what the merch is, but if it's anything like the 60th-anniversary streetwear collection, it will embrace the chain's cool Cali vibes. If you don't live near Los Angeles, you may live close to one of the other 150 locations of Taco Bell Cantinas.