Instagram Is Divided Over The Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Brookie

If you love chocolate, the best dessert might just be a brownie. But, what if you're split between brownies or a classic chocolate chip cookie? Well, then the perfect treat for you is a brookie, which is a layer of cookies topped with a layer of gooey brownies.

Brands have also turned brookies into a flavor for other desserts, and it usually gets customers excited. For example, people were losing it over the 2021 Brookie-O Oreo flavor, and Instagram was also looking forward to Carvel's limited-edition Brookie ice cream. One of the latest chains to launch its own version of the hybrid treat is Trader Joe's, and the grocery store even brought peanut butter into the mix.

Instagram account @traderjoeslist posted a photo of the new Peanut Butter Brookies, and the caption asks for shoppers' opinions on the item, noting that so far, reviews have been mixed on whether they are worth it. While some people vouched for them and even preferred them over the original flavor, many customers were not enamoured. Here's what people are saying about this baked good.

Customers say that the Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Brookie is too dry and salty

For customers hoping for a perfect balance of rich chocolate and creamy peanut butter, don't expect much from Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Brookies. The main complaint from people who have bought the product is that these brookies are extremely salty. One person on Instagram went into more detail saying, "There was too much coarse salt on the top for my liking and the peanut part tastes dry." The texture of these brookies seems like a far cry from a freshly baked batch of treats, with another Instagram user writing, "these seem dry and almost mealy."

Similarly, Reddit users had the same concerns about the saltiness of these brookies. Although the original poster in one thread raved about the Peanut Butter Brookie and several other customers said these brookies were tasty after being microwaved, people criticized the salt levels in the product. One person called this dessert a "salt bomb."

So if you're split between the Peanut Butter Brookie or the original Trader Joe's Brookie, your best bet is to pick up a pack of the original product. While people have mixed opinions about the peanut butter version, almost everyone on this Reddit thread praised the classic brookie. Of course, you can also make your own brookies recipe and adjust the salt and sugar levels to your liking for the perfect bite.