People Are Losing It Over This New Oreo Flavor

We dare you to try eating an Oreo without first opening up the cookie and enjoying that delicious and creamy filling. While other sandwich cookies exist, Oreo's creme layer marks this brand as the standout that we all know and love. And, according to a statement sent to Mashed, Oreo has decided to really kick things up a notch with the new, tri-layered creme filling featured in the limited edition Brookie-O Oreos, debuting in stores January 2021. 

Just what is a Brookie-O you ask? It's a brownie-cookie-Oreo hybrid, clearly. You take your classic Oreo sandwich cookie and add THREE layers of filling (in original creme, cookie dough, and brownie flavors). One lucky Instagrammer, @junkfoodleaks_, has already had a chance to sample the coming flavor and reported, "Sporting 3 cremes in the middle, this powerful cookie packs a punch of a number of flavors in one, and it's really something special. Quite honestly, it might be one of the most balanced flavor profiles in a mashup like this — and that says a lot."

A chocolatey food mashup is exactly what we need this winter

But do you really only want to eat this delicious sounding new cookie as is? Because we think this Oreo would be absolutely perfect for a sweet and chocolaty mashup. We'll start with the Brookie-O flavor, described by @junkfoodleaks_ as, "The brownie is great, your traditional Oreo icing is great — and the cookie dough shines, though I wish that was a bit stronger of a flavor. If you've eaten raw dough before, you'll know that this is missing that little bit of oomph." Knowing this, what we think this needs next is ice cream. This great recipe by Delish combines four scoops of ice cream, chopped OREO cookies, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and crushed cookies for garnish. Yum!

Wouldn't this new Oreo flavor also be just fantastic as a thick and creamy Brookie-O Blizzard (hint, hint Dairy Queen)? Another idea we think would be amazing is a no-bake Brookie-O pie. Taking inspiration from Princess Pinky Girl, all you'd need is a pack of Brookie-Os, melted butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and whipped topping. The possibilities are truly endless. If you discover an amazing hack for your new Brookie-Os, please let us know! We seriously can't wait to try 'em.