TikTok's Butter-Bathed Steak Earned Gordon Ramsay's Approval

Chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his harsh critiques, and although we've heard some of his scathing remarks on TV, he has also taken to reacting to recipes on TikTok. He's reacted to all sorts of recipes, and Ramsay has not been pleased with TikTok's steak creations. Since one of his most well-known dishes is his Beef Wellington, it's no surprise that Ramsay is judicious about his steak.

Ramsay couldn't handle a TikTok steak recipe that involves Flamin' Hot Cheetos and was cooked using a microwave, and he was also horrified by a TikToker who used blue Takis as the steak's crust. It's understandable that mixing spicy snacks and steak isn't going to win points with the famed chef, but is any TikTok cook going to make a steak that Ramsay loves? It turns out, it is possible to win Ramsay over with a steak video. One TikTok account posted a video showing off the cooking process for loaded fries and butter-covered steak, and Ramsay's duet video was incredibly positive.

Gordon Ramsay said this buttery steak was perfectly cooked

It certainly isn't easy to impress Gordon Ramsay, but he had plenty of compliments as he reacted to one TikTok cooking video. This departure from Ramsay's usual roasts also caught the attention of other TikTok users, with one person commenting, "its rare when he actually likes a video this maybe 5 out of 100." So what exactly grabbed Ramsay's attention?


#duet with @menwiththepot Now that's the perfectly cooked #steak ! Not sure about all that #butter though ! #ramsayreacts #menwiththepot

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Although it seems like the steak itself really blew Ramsay away, he also said he "loved" the cook's knife skills. The user also made some fries to go with the steak, and Ramsay took note that the skin was still on the potatoes, saying it was the "best way." And when it came to the meat, Ramsay was waiting to see what the middle of the steak looked like. He reacted positively to the final reveal and praised the meat's color, calling it "perfectly cooked."

While that's high praise coming from the chef, Ramsay did have a couple of critiques of the meal. He thought there was far too much butter used in cooking this steak, and while there definitely is a large amount of butter, melting some butter will take your steak up a notch. Plus, with TikTok's steak and cowboy butter trend, it looks like this combo is here to stay.