The Ridiculous TikTok Steak Recipe That Gordon Ramsay Can't Handle

Gordon Ramsay has been having a lot of fun on TikTok, embracing the platform and creating content for his followers. The celebrity chef has become quite adept at using the platform's duet feature which, allows a user to post side-by-side videos. The sharp-tongued chef has used this split screen to share his hilarious and sometimes shady commentary. Things like the food trend known as Pilk cheese – Pepsi and milk – make Ramsay gag. The "Hell's Kitchen" host has used the duet to roast a post about a creepy donut. And Ramsay entertained TikTok users with his reaction to a so-called "possum burger" that wasn't a burger at all. The 55-year-old has clearly figured out the secret sauce of social media because he shared a Twitter post claiming that with over 7.1 billion views, he has the most followed TikTok account in the U.K. Take that all you youngsters, and eat an idiot sandwich while you are scrolling.

Well, Ramsay is at it again, and this time, he is making us cringe over a TikTok steak recipe that might be a little too hot and raw to handle. The chef is sharing his feeling about a TikToker who has incorporated fiery Cheetos Flamin Hot Crunchy flavor in a red meat dish. And while the recipe and technique might not impress, the TikToker definitely, albeit brutally, earned a coveted Ranting Ramsay badge in the process.

Gordon Ramsay compared a bizarre steak to flip-flops

In a TikTok duet video that has received over 1.8 million likes, Gordon Ramsay can't help but give a play-by-play commentary of andyslife247's preparation of his steak. To be fair, the TikToker uses a whole stick of butter in his frying pan before literally tossing his steak into a butter bath. It causes Ramsay to cry out, "Treat your meat with respect!"  But the man in the video adds what looks like another quarter-stick to the pan, prompting Ramsay to further scold him. 

And just when viewers might think things can't get worse, the TikToker takes his bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos and chucks it into the microwave. Ramsay in disbelief implores, "Not Magic Mike!" as the man repeatedly throws the bag against the wall of the small appliance in an apparent effort to crush them. But the piece de resistance comes when the TikToker opens the bag of crushed red Cheetos and drops his buttered steak into the crumbs. Ramsay loudly protests, "No! No! It looks like grandpa's flip-flop," only to be appalled a little more when the man cuts into a raw-looking steak and takes a bite. Ramsay's followers quoted him using lots of cry-laughing emojis. This is not the first time Ramsay has had issues with Cheetos and meat. You may remember the Cheetos cheeseburger. Per Fox, it made the chef declare he was becoming vegan after watching it.