The Taco Bell Dessert Burrito You Can't Order Is Having A Moment On TikTok

How cruel is it to tease fans with an exciting food hack that they can't order? Based on a recent TikTok clip, it appears Taco Bell is testing that out in real-time. As part of their menu hacks series, the Taco Bell test kitchen is trying our suggested menu hacks and giving them their thoughts. 

According to Mintel, menu hacking has an enormous following on TikTok with millions views. It's a great way to engage with their customer base, and given the interest in fast food hacks like those seen on TikTok for In-N-OutChipotle, and Starbucks, it's easy to see why there's such an enormous interest.

Taco Bell started its video warning fans not to order this hack at their local restaurants. Instead, they suggest ordering the items separately and constructing the item themselves — and the first hack is a cinnamon lover's dream that has left TikTok users buzzing.

The Taco Bell dessert wrap

The comment section of Taco Bell's recent TikTok video was filled with many eager to taste the proposed menu item, and others who had suggestions on how to improve it. The "dessert wrap" features the fan-favorite Cinnabon delights and crushed cinnamon twists, all wrapped in a tortilla and then grilled. After tasting it, the test kitchen manager felt it tasted a bit like a "desert," so she added sour cream, then gave the hack a stamp of approval.

Commenters debated over whether or not sour cream was the best option to make the wrap less dry. The addition of sour cream got a co-sign from fans and workers alike. One user who claimed to be a former Taco Bell employee commented, "... I can confirm, the cinnamon twists dipped in sour cream is fire" (via TikTok). Another fan chimed in, stating, "sour cream and cinnamon twists taste like cheesecake." However, sour cream was the not the sauce of choice for everyone. Another person who says they are an employee familiar with the hack stated, "We make that at my store but we deep fry it and maybe try to drizzle the vanilla syrup."

Given the feedback in the video, it may only be a matter of time before Taco Bell finds a winning dessert-style burrito that fans are looking for.