The Starbucks 'Hack' That Will Get Your Order Deleted

When it comes to getting their coffee, diehard fans of Starbucks have plenty of Starbucks hacks for getting the best drinks and making the most of their money. Unfortunately, some customers take things a little too far when it comes to the latter task. 

In 2020, for example, one sketchy TikTok trend had baristas seeing red after people were stealing employees' ID numbers to get free drinks. According to Hits96, many customers order something simple, like ice or milk, and then take advantage of the add-ons section to make an entire latte for a lower price or even for free.

One such 'hack' went viral after a frustrated barista took to TikTok with an especially bold attempt by a customer to score a much cheaper Starbucks drink. However, as this barista noted in the TikTok, this hack frequently backfires on both Starbucks customers and employees, resulting in more than a few unhappy people. So what kind of deceitful hack were customers trying this time?

Seriously, don't try to use this Starbucks hack

Needless to say, customers already put Starbucks employees through a lot, with their complicated TikTok drinks and entitled attitudes. In fact, an unfortunate number of Starbucks customers feel it necessary to take things to a whole new level, trying 'hacks' that can get baristas in trouble, if not fired.

The latest 'hack,' as explained by the New York Post, consists of a customer using the Starbucks app to order a 5-cent paper bag. Don't get us wrong, that's all fine and dandy. That is, until the customer goes on to order their drink — a grande strawberry creme frap — in the "order request" section. An entire drink for 5 cents? Ridiculous.

The barista who shared this 'hack' on TikTok said it was "a little bit funny, but it won't work." She added that the order, as well as any orders like it, are immediately deleted. So if you're looking to save some money, just look for Starbucks deals or make your drink at home. There's really no need to get Starbucks employees in trouble or waste their time.