The Sensor Gadget That's Changing The Game For Gluten-Free Foodies

As of 2022, approximately 27% of Americans limit or altogether avoid gluten, per a CivicScience survey. Only about 14% of Americans limit or avoid gluten for medical reasons, but for these individuals, every aspect of life can be challenging.

Gluten-free restaurants and foods have to be researched thoroughly. They might even be more expensive than products containing gluten. And it's not just diet that is affected by a gluten sensitivity or intolerance. Some makeups can include gluten-derived ingredients. Even certain medications, vitamins, and sunscreen can prove dangerous.

While some businesses are good about labeling their products accurately, others aren't. For instance, many shoppers have been avoiding Amy's Kitchen since TikTok spread the word of people having allergic reactions to products that should have been safe for them to eat. On a positive note, however, a medical gadget on the market could very well take the guesswork out of managing a gluten-free diet.

NIMA's gluten sensor is 'life changing'

Because food labels and restaurants' reassurances can't always be trusted, NIMA created a gluten sensor. Users simply place a tiny food sample in a test capsule and let the machine work its magic. According to TikTok user Court M's demonstration, samples take two to three minutes to process. If a sample is gluten-free and safe to eat, the sensor displays a smiley face on its screen. If a sample contains gluten, the sensor displays a wheat symbol. In Court M's video, she tested the chips and queso dip at a restaurant, both of which came back with a smiley face result.


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For all the benefits of having a NIMA gluten sensor, the gadget does have some downsides. This particular sensor costs about $220 without an extended warranty, and does not come with testing capsules. Customers can buy a box of six capsules for $40, or opt for a monthly subscription of two boxes for $76. Court M notes in another TikTok video that the capsules are not reusable. Either way, while this gadget is somewhat pricey, it could very well be worth it if you're following a gluten-free diet for medical reasons.