Bonchon Menu Items Ranked Worst To Best

Chicken is a versatile protein, which makes it such a great option when your appetite starts bellowing out in need of something that's not only filling but also delicious. You can prepare it in so many different ways, and it pairs well with a ton of great marinades as well as other foods. One of the tastiest and most decadent ways to prepare chicken is to deep-fry it. A plunge into a hot-oil jacuzzi not only ensures it emerges with a succulent, juicy texture, but you also get that amazing golden crunch on the outside for a wonderful textural contrast. And, one restaurant chain that serves some dangerously tasty fried chicken is Bonchon.

Now, Bonchon definitely flaunts its Korean fried chicken proudly, but that doesn't mean it's the only thing offered. The fried chicken might be the main attraction, but one look at the menu lets you know you have the option to dabble in a large selection of flavor-packed Korean cuisine. However, just because something might look amazing on the menu doesn't mean the execution in the kitchen is up to par. So, the next time you find yourself waiting patiently to place your Bonchon order, keep this list of its best and worst menu options in mind so you end your meal with your appetite smiling wide.

15. Udon Noodle Soup

A warm, savory broth in a soup is the perfect way to coat your stomach with great flavors and leave you feeling full, but not to the extent your belly seems like it's about to bust open. So, when you're craving that rich brothy sensation, you might get the urge to order up the Udon Noodle Soup at Bonchon. Sadly, this menu option won't supply you with that satisfaction you can find in other soups.

The soup has thick wheat noodles, mushrooms, nori, and scallions. You have the option to add either bulgogi or an egg for a punch of protein as well. The big issue with this item is the lack of flavor in the broth. Yes, the soup is quite filling, but you end up loading your stomach up with a bland liquid, which is exactly the opposite of what you're looking to do. The noodles have a nice chewy texture, and if you add an egg or the bulgogi, you'll get some extra flavor, but the bland broth seeps into both those items, resulting in a disappointing execution.

14. Sesame Ginger Salad

When you approach a meal with the mindset that you'll be loading up on calories, it's always a good idea to try to get something in you that at least skews toward the healthy side so your body isn't completely disappointed with the choices you're making. This is where salads come into play perfectly. You get your vitamins and nutrients covered so you don't feel guilty devouring something much less diet-friendly. Bonchon offers one salad, the Sesame Ginger Salad, but you might want to skip these greens altogether and go for the calorie-dense stuff.

The salad consists of a spring mix of greens, onions, sesame seeds, diced red bell peppers, and cucumbers. The whole mixture is drizzled in a sesame ginger dressing. No, you really can't screw up the fresh veggies, which taste just as they should, but it's the dressing that brings along with it disappointment. It really doesn't have a punch of either sesame or ginger. Sure, it helps to give the bowl moisture, but that's not the reason why you purchase something like this in the first place.

13. Bibimbap

There's something appealing about food that has a fun name. The dish might not necessarily contain ingredients you're familiar with, or even those that are your personal favorites, but when the name playfully bounces off of your tongue, the urge to try it looms tall. One such name is "bibimbap." This Korean dish is fun to say, and when it's cooked correctly, your mouth has just as much fun taking it on. Sadly, there isn't much fun to be had with the Bibimbap at Bonchon.

This dish is very veggie-heavy, which is good if you're trying to maintain a clean diet. It comes with white rice, quinoa, assorted seasonal veggies, sesame seeds, and egg. You can also add tofu, chicken, or bulgogi if just one egg doesn't punch you with enough protein. The whole thing is then ladled in Bonchon's savory Bibimbap sauce. The sauce should marry all of the ingredients together under one flavor-packed roof, but here it just primarily adds a thick liquid texture. Most of the flavor will come from the chicken or the bulgogi if you choose to add one of them. But hey, at least you're getting a bunch of veggies.

12. Chicken Katsu

If you're heading to Bonchon, there's a good chance you have chicken on your mind. The chain is known for Korean fried chicken, after all. But, if it's chicken you're after, just know you're not confined to the pieces of fried chicken it offers. You also have the option of snagging yourself the Chicken Katsu. But, in the end, you might want to head toward the fried chicken and keep this dish away from your palate.

The Chicken Katsu comes with a breaded chicken cutlet resting on a bed of steamed white rice. The cutlet is drizzled with spicy mayo and katsu sauce, a sweet and savory accompaniment. When you take your first look at the finished product, the beautiful golden color of the chicken cutlet jumps right out. However, the chicken that lies underneath that crispy exoskeleton isn't nearly as juicy as you'd expect. The katsu sauce and spicy mayo definitely lend moisture and flavor to the meat, but overall, the dry texture ends up overpowering anything the sauces do.

11. Potstickers

Dumplings are always a great option for an appetizer. They're shareable, they're small enough that you don't overfill your belly before tackling the main course, and, when made with love, they're absolutely delicious. Bonchon offers Potstickers, which is just another name for dumplings. You have the option of getting them stuffed with either pork or veggies, and they come brushed with either soy garlic sauce or spicy sauce (or half and half if you want to try both). Sounds awesome, right? Well, unfortunately there's an issue here.

The texture of the dumpling is what really takes away a lot of the enjoyment. The pork or vegetable stuffing tastes good, but the fried outer casing of the potsticker is often too tough, and you end up working your jaw muscles way too much to reach the tasty center. Overall, the flavors of the sauce brushed on the outside and the filling are legit, but the extremely firm feel of the dumpling wrap itself strips the appetizer of its pleasing flavor qualities. Your mouth doesn't want to work overtime to find a pleasant flavor.

10. House Fried Rice

Stand-up comedian Mitch Hedberg once said, "Rice is great when you're hungry, and you want two thousand of something." That's a hilarious and accurate take on the food. Well, if your stomach is in the market for a couple thousand tiny pieces of rice (or if you're just seeking something delicious overall), the House Fried Rice at Bonchon might leap off the menu and call out your name. But, even if you're a huge fried rice enthusiast, you might want to seek out your bowl of rice elsewhere.

This wok-cooked dish comes with Jasmine rice, fresh veggies, sesame seeds, a fried egg, and your choice of protein: soy garlic chicken, spicy chicken, or marinated ribeye. All of the ingredients outside of the rice are tasty, especially the marinated ribeye. The chicken is juicy and packed with flavor, and the veggies are fresh, but the rice often ends up feeling gummy. It's an unappealing mouthfeel that's a real bummer, considering the rest of the ingredients do their job.

9. Sliders

What do you do when you want the tasty, handheld experience of a burger but don't feel like gorging yourself on something that's going to fill you up for the next two hours? You turn to sliders. Sliders have all the great aspects you love about a burger but in miniature size. They're a great way to kick off a meal with something savory without ruining your appetite for the main course. At Bonchon, customers can order either crispy chicken or marinated ribeye sliders. They aren't necessarily a bad option, but you might find them falling short of truly scratching a strong slider itch.

The miniature sandwiches come with coleslaw, cucumber, red onion, and spicy mayonnaise on potato buns. Now, if you're going to order these, best to go with the marinated ribeye option over the chicken. The chicken ends up tasting dry, but the marinated ribeye is tender and juicy. The fixings included on the sliders all perform up to task, especially the creamy kick of the spicy mayo. However, as tasty as the mayo is, it really can't pull the texture of the chicken up out of the dry hole it's in.

8. Shrimp Shumai

If you're heading to Bonchon to indulge in the fried chicken, it might be a good idea to add seafood to your meal so you can enjoy a little surf as well as the turf. Explore both the land and sea in a delicious way. One of the appetizers Bonchon offers customers is Shrimp Shumai, a platter of shrimp dumplings drizzled in a honey-dijon sauce. If you know your way around shumai, these may not be the best you've ever had, but if you're looking for a shrimp addition to your meal, the dish is worth a shot.

The best part about this item is the honey-dijon sauce. The shrimp dumplings on their own are pleasantly soft and have a delicate shrimp flavor, but they're not erupting with taste. The addition of the sauce, however, elevates the flavor of the crustaceans nicely. The sweetness pairs well with the lightly oceanic shrimp taste, and the creaminess offers a pleasant mouthfeel. Your taste buds might not be blown out of the water, but they likely won't feel let down, either.

7. Japchae

If you're looking for a noodle dish but don't want to eat Bonchon's Udon Noodle Soup, you should aim your attention toward the Japchae. The dish comes with glass noodles that have an almost translucent appearance, red peppers, carrots, onions, spinach, mushrooms, sesame seeds, and sliced marinated ribeye all tossed in a soy garlic sauce. You get a bunch of veggies and protein in one dish all married together with a savory sauce.

The mouthfeel of the glass noodles is extremely pleasant. They're delicate, but not so much that they fall apart in your mouth. The veggies are all super fresh, which means you get a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients (always a bonus), and the marinated ribeye is thin, tender, and tasty. The soy garlic sauce does a great job of taking every individual ingredient and making them feel like they belong together. The dish is both filling and flavorful, and it's a solid option when noodles are on your mind.

6. Takoyaki

Octopus is one of those foods that sometimes freaks people out, even if they love other types of seafood. To be fair, they are one of the weirdest-looking creatures in the ocean, so the thought of eating one can definitely put a screeching halt to an appetite. But, for those who have dabbled in an octopus dish, they know just how flavorful the cephalopod is when prepared properly. The Takoyaki dish at Bonchon does octopus justice with great textures and even better flavors.

The dish consists of fried octopus balls that are full of tender octopus meat. There's also a creaminess to them that coats your mouth with a sweet ocean flavor. The dumplings are drizzled in spicy mayonnaise and katsu sauce, and they're topped with bonito flakes for a great fish flavor that pairs with the octopus meat really well. The spicy mayo and katsu sauce add additional creaminess to the dumplings as well as a kick of heat and savoriness. This is all around a great option for those who love octopus.

5. Bulgogi

When the carnivore in you starts really calling for attention, sometimes a protein like chicken just won't cut it. You need beef, a whole simmering plate of juicy, tender beef. It'll coat your mouth with richness and leave a trail of decadence behind as it travels down your throat. If that's the sensation you're looking to achieve at Bonchon, look no further than the Bulgogi. This is the ultimate scratch for the carnivore-inducing itch that won't stop nagging at you.

The dish comes with a pile of thin, marinated strips of ribeye. Anyone who knows steak knows that ribeye is recognized for its wonderful marbling, and it shows in this dish. The fat melts in your mouth and helps pack the mushrooms and onions that are also on the plate with a ton of savory flavor. Scallions and sesame seeds also add a great taste to the delicious marinade the steak is cooked in. Just be aware this is a very hearty, rich dish that might overwhelm anyone not used to consuming such intense beef. Overall, Bulgogi is exactly what carnivores are looking for when they want a more-than-satisfying meal.

4. Tteokbokki

You may not be able to pronounce this name, and you might look at the list of ingredients and think, "How do those flavors work together?" However, you should definitely put your hesitation high up on a shelf when confronted with the Tteokbokki at Bonchon. The mixture of fish and rice cakes, onions, mozzarella cheese, and kimari (glass noodles wrapped in seaweed then fried) all meld together in a spicy, rich broth for a delightfully unique dish that's sure to pleasantly surprise your palate.

The flavor most prevalent in the dish is fish from the fish cakes, but it's the perfect amount of fishy flavor. It runs throughout all the other ingredients with subtle ease, adding a layer of great ocean flavor. The texture of the cake is a little crunchy and a little chewy, and it works. The onions add a sweet firmness, and you can't ignore the oozy layer of mozzarella cheese that binds everything together with a creamy saltiness. Texturally, it feels great, and the flavors all seem like they belong right next to each other. The name is hard to pronounce, but the dish isn't hard to enjoy.

3. Korean Tacos

When it's time to party, it's time to taco. That's how the saying goes, right? Tacos have a way of creating an image of a party in your head, and that makes them super fun to have around. Pile pretty much anything you want into a crunchy shell or flour tortilla, and you have a handheld vessel of awesomeness ready to hit your appetite with a high-five. So, if you're looking to throw a belly fiesta when you're at Bonchon, look no further than the Korean Tacos.

You get three flour tortilla tacos per order, and you can choose whether you want them stuffed with spicy chicken or marinated ribeye, both of which are full of juicy flavors and have a great melty texture to them. The protein is then topped with lettuce, coleslaw, red onions, buttermilk ranch, and spicy mayo. The already-soft meat works awesome alongside the two sauces, which give each bite a creamy spiciness. The coleslaw has a great, bright crunch to it that helps offset the richness of the sauced meat, and the fluffy-but-thin texture of the flour tortilla is the perfect bed for all the ingredients to party together on.

2. Korean Fried Chicken

If you're going to venture out to Bonchon, you should at least leave room for the menu item that this spot prides itself on. It's the reason the entire chain started in the first place. And here, that means fried chicken. Yea, you'd be doing yourself no favors at all to walk outta here without having tried at least one piece of the chicken. Snag yourself an order of wings or drumsticks (or a combination of both), and then choose either spicy sauce or soy garlic sauce. Trust us, you'll be happy you did.

Now, don't get put off by the fact there are only two different sauce options with the chicken. Yes, some people prefer to have a dozen different options like at some other wing spots, but these two flavors are all you need here. The spicy sauce offers a lovely hot-but-not-scorching sensation that dances across you palate beautifully, waking up your taste buds and then showering them with savory notes. The soy garlic sauce is packed with umami flavor that fills your mouth with a burning desire to eat more. Also, the fried chicken skin is perfectly brittle and has a fantastic crunch that complements the eruption of juicy meat underneath to a tee. And, for anyone who wants to enjoy that experience without picking at bones, Bonchon has a boneless option, as well.

1. Pork Buns

If you do have to leave Bonchon without trying even one piece of the epic fried chicken (for whatever irrational reason that may be), then you must make it your mission to at least snag yourself an order of the Pork Buns as a suitable replacement. These things are worth the trip alone, and after your first bite, you immediately ready your wallet for another order. These steamed bao buns are teeming with pork belly soaked in soy garlic sauce, coleslaw, cucumbers, and both spicy mayo and katsu sauce. Your appetite just stood at attention. You're welcome.

Obviously, the belle of the ball here is the pork belly. Pork belly has a reputation for offering some of the greatest melt-in-your-mouth fatty sensations known to meat, and that's exactly what you get here. The thick slices of pork dissolve onto your palate in a luscious pool of umami-packed richness, thanks to the soy garlic sauce. The coleslaw cuts through some of that richness perfectly, but both sauces swoop in with a one-two blast of creamy savoriness that tangos with the pork belly like ballet dancers. But, when all those textures and celestial flavors come stuffed in a fresh bao bun, your mouth reaches a culinary enlightenment. Soft, delicate, and absurdly fluffy, these buns transport every superb ingredient into your face's docking bay in the smoothest way possible.