Krispy Kreme's Spring Doughnuts Are Perfectly Mini

Krispy Kreme always seems to have a decadent doughnut idea up its sleeve. Whether for a festive holiday or a change of season, Krispy Kreme fans have something to look forward to all year. After all, what is more doughnut-worthy than dreary wintertime fading away into the bright, hopeful, and sunny days of spring?

This is not Krispy Kreme's first doughnut collection of 2023, but it is definitely the most adorable. There will be four new mini doughnuts inspired by fresh flowers, baby animals, and colorful springtime vibes, Krispy Kreme announced in a press release. The tiny sweet treats will be available beginning March 27 for a limited time. Boxes of 16 doughnuts will be available in Krispy Kreme shops, and boxes of eight will be sold at participating supermarkets like Walmart, Kroger, and Publix. With Easter right around the corner, these spring-themed sweets are arriving just in time for a fun Easter breakfast (or dessert) spread.

What are Krispy Kreme's new spring donuts?

Just like Krispy Kreme's 2022 spring collection, all four doughnuts will be mini-sized. Overall, the flavors are simple, but the decorations are where these tiny treats shine. All but one of the doughnuts will be sans-hole to make room for big dollops of buttercream.

Two of the doughnuts are inspired by baby animals. The Mini Bouncing Bunny Doughnut shows the white bottom of a little rabbit with sugar feet bouncing into a green background. The Mini Diving Duck Doughnut is decorated with yellow buttercream behind and the tiny orange feet of a duckling diving into blue icing. This doughnut is also decorated with white nonpareils sprinkles. The vibrant Mini Daffodil Donut is bright yellow and is decorated with sanding sugar in addition to bright buttercream. A mini glazed doughnut with chocolate icing and assorted pastel-colored sprinkles rounds out Krispy Kreme's new spring doughnut drop.