The Bunny Cupcake Trick Is Almost Too Easy To Be An Easter Hack

Cooking up a batch of special sweet treats whenever there's a holiday is something that most home bakers love to do, but unless you have the same storage space as Ina Garten's dream kitchen does, chances are there's just not enough space to store specialty-shaped baking pans for each holiday. Luckily, there is one simple kitchen item that can change an ordinary batch of cupcakes or muffins into a bunny-shaped batch for Easter: aluminum foil.

The Food Network shared a video on TikTok to show how three balls of aluminum foil can be used to shape a cupcake liner set inside a muffin tin pan to look like a bunny's head, complete with two little ears just begging to get decorated with cream cheese frosting and shredded coconut, or dots of buttercream.


this cupcake trick is so genius it's not even BUNNY 🐰 love this tin foil trick, @ohcakeswinnie!

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This bunny cupcake trick is one of the easiest Easter hacks bakers can try. And though it's new to a lot of people, one commenter mentioned that it's a classic. "A trick as old as my grandmother and I'm 76." Still, others had ideas on how to use this aluminum foil baking hack to make other fun cupcake shapes.

It makes other shapes, too

Most fans in the comments of The Food Network's bunny cupcake trick video loved it, and some even had ideas on how to use the shape to make other character cupcakes. "I saw Winnie the Pooh cakes before they were decorated," said one, which could be perfect for kids' birthday parties. "I thought they were going to be pink dresses," said another. Other commenters shared ideas for frog, Pikachu, baby onesie, and bell pepper cupcakes, only one of which seemed to be mostly a joke. Then again, bell pepper cupcakes could be a hit at a garden party or the farmer's market.

The basic cupcake shape created with this aluminum foil baking hack can be decorated with frosting or icing to look like any of these things, and rather than having a cupboard full to bursting with different holiday baking pan shapes, you can just rely on one trusty muffin tin. If you don't like the idea of rolling up the aluminum balls yourself, there are some alternatives to consider, like the ceramic pie weights you might use when blind baking a pie crust, steel ball bearings from the hardware store, or even glass marbles, which shouldn't crack as long as the temperature of your oven isn't too hot and you let them cool down slowly in the pan instead of shocking them. The next thing you know, you'll be churning out specially-shaped cupcakes like a pro for any occasion.