12 Seriously Delicious Burgers You Need To Try Before You Die

Sometimes it's nice to exercise a proper sense of decorum when you eat a meal. You wield your cutlery like a gentle samurai warrior and carefully build yourself a perfect forkful of food with every bite. But, there are other times when you think, "To heck with utensils. I wanna snatch my meal barehanded and plunge it into my face with fervor!" This is exactly where burgers come into play. These handheld vessels of delicious ingredients are perfect when you want a truly intimate eating experience. It's just you, a looming tower of fixings, and intense excitement coursing through your appetite.

There are thousands of different kinds of burgers out there. Since you can put just about anything on top of a patty, the options become endless really quickly. And, there are always new ideas swirling around the metaphorical burger think tanks. If you consider yourself a burger connoisseur, then it's your mission to make sure you indulge in the absolute cream of the crop. There are a lot of spots that proudly flaunt their burger creations, but not every one of them is truly worthy of a spot on your burger bucket list. However, the ones on this list are, so do your appetite a favor and get your hands on them at some point. Then you really will hold the coveted title of "Burger King."

Luger-Burger - Peter Luger Steakhouse

Anyone who knows their way around a good steak has heard the name "Peter Luger." The iconic steakhouse has been serving up some of the greatest cuts of beef known to carnivores, and the spot is more than deserving of a place on any beef-lover's foodie bucket list. But, what some people might not know is that the restaurant always offers customers a burger simply called the Luger-Burger, and even though Peter Luger has a stronghold on the steak game, this burger is an essential must-try item the next time you go.

Peter Luger doesn't mess around with distracting bells and whistles here. The burger comes with one thick beef patty. That's it. You do have the option to add cheese and bacon if you'd like, but neither one is necessary to achieve a slam-dunk dining experience. The burger is tender beyond belief and juices erupt out of the meat with each bite. The richness coats your mouth like butter, and the beef flavor is super intense in the best way possible. Peter Luger certainly knows what it's doing with steaks, but this proves it knows what it's doing with burgers, as well.

Islak Burger

Maybe you've never been to Turkey before. Or, maybe you have been and have never tried the popular Islak burgers there. Well, if you made it your mission in life to try the greatest burgers on the planet, then you gotta get yourself to Turkey and snag yourself an Islak Burger. The word "islak" means "wet" in Turkish, and that's definitely a great description of the food. Don't cower at the thought of a wet burger. When it comes to juicy meat, wet is good.

The Islak burger is simple yet astoundingly tasty. You get a burger patty that's teeming with garlic and spice on a fluffy bun. So, where does the whole wet part come into play? Well, the entire burger — patty and all — is also doused in a tangy tomato sauce before it nestles onto the plate. A food reviewer for Vice summed up his experience eating the burger, saying, "As I bite into the soft, warm bread, the texture mixes with the hot tomato sauce while the strong garlic taste of the meat adds a layer of density that leaves you yearning for more."

Ramly Burger

Malaysia is a country that might not spring to the forefront of your mind when thinking about great burgers, but that's because you likely have never heard of the Ramly Burger. These bunned delights are popular fast food options in the country, and they belong on any burger bucket list. The unique way the burger is presented makes this not only delicious but also aesthetically appealing as well. And, since we eat with our eyes before our mouths, that's a win in both categories.

An egg is the ingredient used to give each burger a super special presentation and taste. Before the burger patty hits the bun, an egg is cracked on a flat-top grill and cooked into a thin sheet. The burger is placed in the center and the egg is wrapped around the burger like a delicious yolky jacket. The egg-burger combination is then topped with ingredients like margarine, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and an umami-packed Maggi seasoning. According to one of the food-philes who orchestrates food tours for A Chef's Tour, all the ingredients "contribute to a taste that's truly unlike any other hamburger you're likely to try in your life."

The 420 - Boston Burger Company

While a burger stacked with a bunch of varying ingredients is undoubtedly a party to your palate, sometimes a spot can jam way too much freakin' stuff in between the bun, leaving you with potentially top-heavy disaster you need a fork and a stack of napkins as high as the ceiling to finish. That might be exactly what you think you're getting when you look at the ingredient list for The 420 burger at the Boston Burger Company. However, this behemoth manages to defy the law of physics and supplies you with way too much stuff in a manageable way.

Are you ready for this list of ingredients? Have your heart doctor on speed dial just in case you aren't. In addition to the thick burger patty, there are mozzarella sticks, fried macaroni and cheese, onion rings, fries, bacon, American cheese, and golden barbecue sauce. The word "yowza" is a huge understatement. However, this is a burger that blasts you in the face with so much amazing rich flavor that you'll rethink your career choices — it has that much impact. Make this one of those once-in-a-lifetime burger experiences. Your arteries may not thank you, but your mouth will.

Vada Pav

The bustling city of Mumbai, India, is a sight to behold. Vendors selling all sorts of vibrant wares, swaths of people, and of course, amazing cuisine. The Vada Pav burger is a staple food of the city, and for good reason. Just like with many other types of Indian dishes, it's overflowing with astounding spices and flavors. The patties are formed using a mixture of mashed potatoes, masala spices, green chili, and raw diced onions. After a dip into the deep fryer, the golden brown disc of crunchy creaminess is placed on a soft bun (a pav) and smeared in a chili-coriander chutney and garlic chutney. It's a vortex of tantalizing tastes that bring with it the essence of Mumbai.

A food writer for "BBC Travel" described their joyous experience trying the burger. With a soft bun, potent spices assailing every sense, and the crisp freshness of the potato patty, what's not to love? Charukesi Ramadurai wrote, "I was biting into the original taste of Mumbai. It was a perfect contrast of tastes and textures: the chewy blandness of the pav acting as a foil to the piquant crunchiness of the vada. Even to my palate, shaped by years of spicy food, the first mouthful was a fiery hit. I could feel the tang of both chutneys spread across my tongue."

Raygun - Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

When it's time to grab a burger, you want something so darn tasty the smell of the flavors alone can raise the dead. Well, one place that caters to that kind of sentiment is Zombie Burger + Drink Lab in Des Moines, Iowa. Here, all of the burgers are horror-themed, and they all have a slew of unique ingredients ready to get those zombies rising out of their graves in search of delicious food. But, one item on the menu you absolutely must have is the Raygun burger.

The Raygun comes with Monterey jack cheese, fried jalapenos, caramelized onions, bacon, guacamole, and chipotle mayonnaise. Right away, your mouth is coated with the fresh burst of creamy guacamole and then punched with the pizzazz of spicy mayo. The caramelized onions add an awesome sweetness that contrasts the heat delivered by both the mayo and the fried jalapenos. The jalapenos also offer a brittle crunch that offsets the creaminess of the guac. The bacon offers that rich, salty sensation, and the Monterey jack cheese lends its layer of mild, buttery taste. Can you hear the zombie approaching yet?

The Wu-Tang - The Butchers Club Burger

When you're sitting in your apartment listening to the members of the Wu-Tang Clan spit hot fire over a dope beat, the last thing on your mind might be a great-tasting burger. However, that immediately changes once you try the Wu-Tang Burger at The Butchers Burger Club in China. Yes, China isn't exactly a hop, skip, and jump away, but you deserve a vacation, so book that trip and get your hands on this epic burger. You'll harness the power of Method Man in no time at all.

This juicy dry-age beef patty wears its ingredients proudly, and it should. It's topped with cheddar cheese, kimchi, tempura sweet potato, Kewpie mayo, and Sriracha. This is an experience you remember long after you leave. The fermented flavor of the kimchi slices through the richness of the beef like a samurai's blade while the tempura sweet potato gives every bite a delicate crunch teeming with a creamy sweet flavor. The Kewpie and Sriracha join forces to create a perfectly sweet slather of heat. This burger Brings Da Ruckus to your belly in the greatest way imaginable.

Emmy Burger at - Emily

New York City is teeming with great spots to eat, especially awesome places to snag delectable burgers. It almost has too many options, and you're left scratching your head as to where to go when hunger strikes. We'll make it easy for you and your little burger-obsessed heart. Head to Emily in Brooklyn. There, you can order their iconic Emmy Burger. One bite into this blessed handheld creation, and you'll thank your lucky stars you listened to us.

There aren't a ton of different ingredients on this burger, but that doesn't matter in the slightest because the ones that are used combine perfectly. Adding anything else to this might actually strip away some of the greatness. The dry-age beef patty is served on a warm pretzel bun and topped with caramelized onions, Grafton cheddar cheese, and Emmy sauce, a delicious sweet and spicy glaze. The heaping pile of caramelized onions glows with a mesmerizing golden color. They're perfectly cooked and dissolve onto your tongue, leaving behind a blast of sweet flavors and aromas. The Grafton cheddar gives the burger a subtle nutty taste, and the Emmy sauce marries everything together with a sweet heat that adds additional mellowness to the caramelized onions and a zesty kick of spice that offsets the rich beef patty.

The DB Burger - DB Bistro & Oyster Bar

The culinary landscape wouldn't be the same without the impact that Michelin Star-awarded chef Daniel Boulud has had on food. The French master has restaurants all over the world, and they all offer the kind of top-tier dining experiences foodies dream about. A burger might not strike you as fine dining, but that's because you've never had the pleasure of indulging in The DB Burger at Boulud's restaurant DB Bistro & Oyster Bar in Singapore. This thing is the definition of decadence, and burger lovers everywhere owe the chef a huge thanks.

The ingredient list alone is enough to get your salivary glands working overtime, and before you know it, you're mopping up a puddle of drool on the floor. The decadent sirloin burger is made with braised short ribs, which means every bite splashes a stunning richness across your palate that's almost too epic to believe. The patty of celestial goodness is then topped with shaved black truffles and a slab of glistening foie gras. The foie gras has such an intense butteriness to it, and combining it with the black truffles has your palate feeling like it's on a space shuttle blasting through the flavor stratosphere. Our appetites are indebted to you forever, Chef Boulud.

The Cheesy Todd - Datz

The Sunshine State has a lot to offer, like great beaches, beautiful weather, and of course, the Happiest Place on Earth (Disney World. Duh). When it comes to food, obviously there are a whole bunch of great spots throughout the state of Florida, but if you're looking to snag yourself a burger that will nestle in your memories, you may find your options dwindling. That's exactly why you gotta head to Datz. The restaurant has three locations — Tampa, St. Pete, and Riverview — and it offers a burger called The Cheesy Todd. One look at this thing, and you know you'll never, ever forget it.

This is a burger experience, so prep your appetite for a rich blast of beef beforehand. The patty is topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, and pickles. Sounds standard. However, the bun is where the party happens. Both the top and bottom bun are two deep-fried discs of bacon-jalapeno macaroni and cheese. It's deliciously absurd, and every bite gives an explosion of creamy sensations. The mac and cheese has a salty punch of bacon and a lovely kick of heat thanks to the jalapenos. Just make sure you have a fork and knife handy to tackle this culinary behemoth.

The Glazed One - Thee Burger Spot

The contrast of sweet and rich flavors works wonders on your palate. The saying "opposites attract" certainly pertains to food, and when executed properly, you get a flavor that goes down in the annals of your appetite's history. This is exactly what happens when you take your first bite of The Glazed One burger at Thee Burger Spot in Tampa, Florida. What appears at first to look like a basic bacon cheeseburger immediately throws your palate a huge culinary curveball when you realize the bun is a glazed doughnut.

Krispy Kreme steps up to bat here and takes ownership of the bun. The glistening glaze melts off onto the hot beef patty and bacon strips to combine with all those salty juices for a one-of-a-kind burger experience you'll write about in your diary. Anyone who's had a Krispy Kreme doughnut on its own knows just how sweet they are, but the beefy flavor helps offset some of the sweetness, so it doesn't feel like you need to go to the dentist after you're done eating. It's the perfect balance of tastes. The cheese, while obviously not the star of the show here, helps to add a layer of creaminess to the whole thing, and that ties the perfect knot onto this awesome experience.

I'm Your Huckleberry Burger - The Burger Dive

If you're going to seek out a burger to eat, you might as well look for something award-winning, right? Why settle for your standard stuff when you can dine on something that the masses have deemed exceptional? Well, that's exactly what you get when you visit The Burger Dive in Billings, Montana, and order the I'm Your Huckleberry burger. It holds the coveted "Burger Champion" title from the World Food Championship, and it deserves it in every delicious way.

The combination of flavors and ingredients is through-the-roof stellar. The burger patty is topped with bacon, arugula, goat cheese, huckleberry hatch chili barbecue sauce, and red pepper mayo. It's a dazzling ballet of so many textures and tastes that leave your mouth in awe. The goat cheese gives the rich burger an immaculate tang and creaminess that sprints full speed alongside the salty richness of the bacon and beef. The red pepper mayo lends a hefty little kick of heat that immediately becomes best friends with the thick sweetness of the huckleberry hatch barbecue sauce. Sweet, salty, rich, creamy, and a little spicy. Those are the adjectives you want to hear when it comes to a burger, and this one offers them all in droves.