Dunkin Is Giving Away Free Cold Brew To Celebrate A Different 4/20 Holiday

For some, April 20 is a holiday to kick back and get a buzz. With weed now legal in several states, more people than ever are bound to partake in cannabis-related festivities. Fast food franchises have gotten in on the action in recent years, with plenty of deals. Dunkin' is celebrating a different kind of 4/20 buzz with a free cold brew with your purchase in honor of National Cold Brew Day (via Yahoo News). This might sound like a ploy to get baked consumers to satisfy their munchies with Dunkin's carrot cake muffins or breakfast tacos, however, the holiday has actually been around since 2015. Since then, it's been embraced by other coffee chains, like Starbucks and Dutch Bros

Some may be unfamiliar with the cold coffee industry disruptor of the past decade, but cold brew has actually been around for centuries. In recent years, the beverage has taken franchises by storm with its smooth, cold coffee that is slightly more caffeinated and less acidic. As the name suggests, it's made in cold water instead of using the traditional hot-to-cold iced coffee formula. Spins on the drink, like nitrogen infusions and flavored-foam additions, have multiplied over the years. 

Dunkin' has been at the forefront of this coffee craze, hoping to roll out a line of cold brew beverage concentrates in 2023. If you're looking to spice up your 4/20 with a caffeine high, you may want to take advantage of this deal. 

How to collect your cold brew

Dunkin's cold brew freebie offer is only available on April 20 to members of its rewards program who place an order on the Dunkin' app. If you're not a current member, it's easy to sign up on the chain's website. Just make sure you download the app ahead of time so you're ready to order. Once you place an order, you can take advantage of the deal by adding your free cold brew beverage. This makes 4/20 a great day to try any of the franchise's spring menu items you've had you've been eyeing. Last year, Dunkin' offered five times the rewards points for cold brew purchases on National Cold Brew Day – so this year is definitely an upgrade.

You can customize your cold brew beverage however you want, adding your choice of cold foam or flavored sweetener. However, keep in mind that National Cold Brew Day might be one of your last chances to try Dunkin's limited-time Caramel Chocolate Cold Brew. This drink is topped with chocolate cold foam and sprinkles that give it a well-balanced, subtly sweet flavor. If you're going to cash in on this 4/20 deal, just remember to enjoy your treats responsibly — you're in for a touch more caffeine.