The Cold Gordita Crunch From Taco Bell Should Be A Fast-Food Crime

Although by now we just accept that fast food always looks better in commercials than it does in real life, that doesn't mean we can't still be taken aback by what we receive at the drive-thru window.

Such was the case for one Reddit user, who received a cold Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell. Sure, this particular Gordita contained cheese, placing it a step above the world's saddest Gordita Crunch ever, but the cheese was not at all melted. Don't get us wrong. We love cheese; but, as another Redditor put it, this Gordita is just "chewy in all the wrong ways."

Others suggested that Taco Bell had forgotten to steam the Gordita, with many citing a decline in quality. One person commented, "I swear locally [the Gordita's] under steamed 80% of the time," while another accused Taco Bell of becoming "too expensive for the inconsistency." Sorry, Taco Bell, but this really does seem to be a running theme lately.

Taco Bell's fans are less than impressed with its quality

If Reddit's "Queasy Gordita Crunch" wasn't bad enough, countless other Taco Bell items have recently come under fire for declining quality. Many internet users have shared their Taco Bell woes, from the "saddest Doritos Locos Taco" with barely any filling, to the utterly disappointing enchirito that employees continue to roll like a burrito, rather than flip like an enchilada.

Though it's easy to blame the lower quality on laziness, that might not necessarily be the case. One Indeed review shared that the "training process is frequently ignored," with another pointing out that some employees don't receive any formal training whatsoever. If employees aren't taught how to properly make a certain menu item, of course, orders are going to turn out a little wonky. 

As for increasing prices, Taco Bell isn't the only one. Fast-food restaurants collectively raised their prices by about 13% in response to 2022's inflation crisis, according to CNET. If you don't want to pay $5 for a sad Gordita Crunch, just don't order a Gordita Crunch. Problem solved.