Your Grilled Cheese Sandwich Is Missing This Sweet Yet Savory Jam

Ah, grilled cheese... perhaps the ultimate comfort food! Very few things in life are more satisfying than sinking your teeth into a simple sandwich that consists of two slices of seared bread and layers of melted cheesy goodness. And if you're really craving a hearty and filling midnight meal, this legendary grub can be easily customized to please any palate. Toss in your favorite spices and veggies, dip each bite in a bowl of tomato soup or ranch dressing, or experiment with multiple types of cheese on your grilled cheese for unique flavor combinations.

In addition to the obvious embellishments, there is one particular grilled cheese garnish many enthusiasts swear by, and it's about as easy to whip up as the sandwich itself. Behold — bacon jam. Bacon jam, as its name implies, is a sweet and savory relish starring bacon, brown sugar, onions, balsamic vinegar, and sometimes coffee. When combined, these ingredients form an aromatic, flavorful masterpiece you'll be tempted to eat by the spoonful — or, of course, as an element of your grilled cheese.

Bacon jam enhances the flavor and texture of grilled cheese

While grilled cheese is often considered one of the most effortless dishes on the planet, incorporating bacon jam into the classic recipe makes it taste anything but basic. For starters, bacon jam possesses a rich and smoky flavor that compliments the otherwise mild flavor of grilled cheese. The salty and crispy bacon bits with caramelized onions offer a chewy character to the soft and gooey cheese, creating a perfectly balanced and delicious combination.

Take it from Laura Werlin, a self-proclaimed grilled cheese pro and the author of cookbooks "Great Grilled Cheese" and "Grilled Cheese, Please!" Werlin claims robust, umami spreads and condiments such as bacon jam, mustard, and chutney are ideal for when you want to experience a deluxe feast without sacrificing simplicity. And when you're all grilled cheesed out (as if that's even possible), bacon jam also pairs incredibly well with eggs, burgers, biscuits, and a good ol' charcuterie board.