Popeyes Brings Back Its Super Spicy Menu Favorite

Popeye's has several items on its menu for people who like a bit of heat, like the spicy chicken sandwich and the spicy flounder fish sandwich. The item that brings the most Scovilles isn't a sandwich at all but the chain's ghost pepper chicken wings, which spice-lovers may be sad to hear are not a permanent menu fixture. These fiery bites were first introduced almost a decade ago back in 2014, and the wings most recently reappeared to celebrate the new year. Luckily for heat seekers, the ghost pepper wings are now making another appearance. Ghost peppers permeate the chicken through a ghost pepper marinade for a minimum of 12 hours. After the chicken is marinated, it is hand-breaded and fried.

If you've ever wondered how much hotter a ghost pepper is than a jalapeno, the answer is way, way, hotter. The ghost pepper is considered one of the world's hottest peppers, clocking in about 100 times hotter than the mild jalapeno. It's no doubt then, that the ghost pepper wings bring some serious heat. To cool down the wings, each order is served with buttermilk ranch for some heat relief. Spice lovers can also rejoice at the price, which remains unchanged from its last appearance. A box of six wings will set you back $4.99 plus tax.

To say people are happy is an understatement

Popeye's used its Twitter account to announce the return of the ghost pepper wings, and people flooded the comments to share their reactions. Popeye's official tweeted announcement reads, "You asked. We delivered. GHOST PEPPER WINGS ARE BACK!!! *smooth jazz plays*" The overwhelming majority of responses were thanking the chain for bringing the wings back. One person wrote, "...MAKE THEM PERMANENT!...Last time I went back to get them a second time and my Popeyes sold out." Though the Popeyes online menu shows that the wings are currently available, there's no word about how long they'll be sticking around.

In addition to the return of the spicy wings, Popeye's will also roll out a cooling beverage that celebrates summer. The chain will release its mango lemonade, made with Minute Maid lemonade and mango flavoring. In the true spirit of the warmer weather months, customers can get the drink over ice or as a slushy. Of course, no meal is complete without dessert, and Popeye's doesn't disappoint with its dessert offerings. The chain will even sweeten the deal through June 4 by offering customers a free apple pie on their next visit with a donation to the Popeye's Foundation.