Aldi's Banana Flavored Milk Is Actually Plant-Based

The first thing you should know about Aldi's banana milk, if you're considering buying some, is that it is not a sweet, banana-flavored dairy milk like the banana milk that's popular in South Korea. Instead, Aldi's Mooala Original Banana Milk is a plant-based milk alternative. This product claims to have a more subtle banana flavor, not like overly sweetened, thicker banana milkshakes and smoothies or banana drinks made with artificial flavoring. It's made with no added sugar, contains calcium and lots of potassium, and has caused Aldi fans a lot of confusion. 

That's because some Aldi shoppers have gotten mixed up by thinking Mooala is a banana-flavored dairy milk. And for some, that first sip of Mooala banana milk was a rude awakening. "I tried this and it's not what you think, it's literally bananas blended with water as an alternative to other plant based milks," explained one customer on Reddit. "It tastes like the water you use to clean a blender after you make a banana milkshake." But those who didn't expect sweet, robustly-flavored banana milk have found multiple uses for Mooala's banana-based dairy milk alternative.

The best uses for Aldi's banana milk

Aldi's Mooala Original Banana Milk was the biggest hit with people who knew it was intended as a plant-based milk alternative. "We love it and drink it plain all the time," said one Reddit user. Several customers on r/Aldi shared that it was delicious in smoothies, cereal, overnight oats, and baked goods. One commenter said, "interestingly, tastes really good in coffee." Another person agreed, saying Mooala banana milk is good in hot cocoa, "and it helped my leg cramps." This could be due to its potassium content.

What if you try Aldi's banana milk and aren't a fan? Several people on Reddit suggested Almond Breeze brand banana almond milk as an alternative. Many said this version was creamier, likely thanks to adding almonds to the blend. To compare, Mooala uses sunflower seeds and bananas to make its plant-based milk. Or, you can try making an affordable twist on coffee with banana milk by making banana coffee in the blender with frozen bananas and cold brew.