The Viral Hack That Makes Wrapping Sushi A Breeze

Biting into a tightly rolled piece of fresh sushi can be one of life's greatest pleasures for those who have palates that are in love with all things umami. This Japanese staple is a rather divine way to treat yourself, but what if you want to have sushi more often? It can often be a daunting culinary feat to gather all the ingredients and recreate your favorite roll, as there is a lot of attention to detail and technique involved in the process. Even if you try to avoid making mistakes when preparing homemade sushi, it can still turn out overstuffed if you haven't had as much experience as the pros. Thankfully, we have some good news for sushi lovers out there who want to make this tasty dish themselves, but would rather skip the hand-rolling altogether.

Traditionally, sushi is made with makisu, a flexible bamboo mat that chefs use to roll and seal the sushi's insides together perfectly. While this handy tool isn't completely necessary when making all types of sushi, it certainly helps keep things uniform. 

But if rolling isn't your thing, you can always just fold it up and eat it like you would a sandwich. It's as simple as laying out the base layer of seaweed, loading up each section with your preferred sushi fillings and seasonings, and folding it over itself a few times. Much like how a burrito is strategically folded together to minimize spillage, this sushi rolling technique is as easy as it gets.

Section off your sushi into four quadrants before folding

If you've tasted some of the best sushi in the U.S. and found a roll you love, chances are you'd like to make your own version at home. That's why this helpful TikTok hack could save you a lot of time and frustration when it comes to the DIY sushi-making route. In the video, Melbourne-based meal prepper, Georgina, shares how she prepares her own sushi using four divided sections. She starts out by assembling her ingredients, which involved thinly slicing cucumbers and avocados before making sushi rice. "To make the wrap, we get a sheet of nori (seaweed), then soak one sheet of rice paper, place it on top of your nori, and add the filling into quadrants," she explains.

Each corner of Georgina's sushi roll has rice, cucumber, avocados, and smoked salmon with an added layer of sriracha and creamy Kewpie mayo. Although, if you prefer your sushi with even more of a kick, you can create your own spicy mayo to include in your recipe instead. It's important to slice the seaweed base right between the avocado and the rice so that this method works properly. Next, simply fold it three times over until you've got yourself a nicely packed bundle of sushi goodness. One comment mentions that this TikToker's hack is similar to how onigirazu, a more sandwich-like version of the Japanese rice ball, is folded. Either way, it's a great hack to get you eating more homemade sushi.