The Most Outrageous Cocktails You Can Drink In Las Vegas

Las Vegas has successfully built an entire economy off of extravagance. From immersive hotels to unparalleled attractions, there is no shortage of outrage in Sin City. Foodies are attracted to the desert town for the dining and drinking options that they can't experience anywhere else. It's a different sport to drink in Las Vegas. The nightclubs are more like captivating shows than places to simply dance and take shots. With the nightclubs and bars come plenty of drink menus filled with wild cocktails worth ordering at least once. 

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas centered around food and drink, we've created a guide for some of the most outrageous cocktails you can find in the city. Whether it's a massive drink made for sharing or a feast for the senses, these cocktails will offer lots to enjoy ... and a potential hangover. They might not replace your usual bar order, but these drinks are worth checking off your cocktail bucket list. 

Eiffel Tower Shots - Vanderpump à Paris

One of the allures of Las Vegas is that many of the themed hotels along the Strip transport guests to faraway locations, from Egypt to Italy, all while remaining in one city. The Paris Las Vegas Hotel is an all-entrancing French experience, which includes reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump's Vanderpump à Paris cocktail lounge. It's an over-the-top French bistro with a tasty menu and mesmerizing decor. 

The star of the cocktail list is undoubtedly The Eiffel Tower. As of June 2023, $125 gets you 12 signature à la carte shots of your choice served in a replica Eiffel Tower statue. The oozy options include spicy hibiscus vodka, peach whiskey, blueberry vodka, blackcurrant tequila, spicy pineapple tequila, or mint and basil vodka. The flavored shots are a surefire way to boost the vibe at your table, especially since they're served in a mini model of the historic French sight. 

Bender Ender - Frankie's Tiki Room

While the Vegas Strip is filled with endless hotel bars, the rest of the city has several drinking gems, including a few world-famous tiki bars. Over in the Arts District is Frankie's Tiki Room, a bar that serves up classic tiki drinks in glasses that are bonafide works of art. It's easy to forget you're in the middle of the desert when you walk into Frankie's, as it has mastered the tropical vibe inside and out. 

Frankie's menu is full of over-the-top tiki cocktails, but the Bender Ender is one strong drink that's not for the faint of heart. The bartenders mix several different kinds of rum with passionfruit, orange, and guava juice. As if that's not boozy enough, it's topped with a float of 160-proof rum to warm up your insides. It's also always worth it to purchase one of Frankie's signature tiki glasses to take home as a souvenir of what's sure to be an outrageously fun night out. 

Punch bowls - Velveteen Rabbit

Another must-stop spot in the Arts District is the Velveteen Rabbit, a craft cocktail bar where the word "eclectic" doesn't even fully describe the exceptional vibe. Its entire cocktail menu, which is always rotating with seasonal options, is filled with drinks you won't be able to order anywhere else. It's a great bar to frequent with a crowd so you have an excuse to order one of Velveteen Rabbit's gigantic punch bowls, if for the Instagram photos alone. 

As of June 2023, Velveteen Rabbit is serving up a springy Part of Fortune punch for $100. The ingredient list is wild, including rosé infused lemon-strawberry foam with gold flakes for dramatic effect. We suggest you make a special trip to the Rabbit with friends and order a punch bowl and sit and hang out for a while. If the entire bowl is too much of a commitment, the bar also serves individual portions of its punch of the day. 

Scorpion Shot - Nacho Daddy

Sometimes, a cocktail can be so extravagant that it feels downright dangerous for one reason or another, if only because it's bound to leave you with a headache the next morning. However, Nacho Daddy in the Miracle Mile Shops has a drink that takes scary to the next level. The Scorpion Shot is just as frightening as it sounds, and it's not just because it's a shot of straight tequila. The drink includes a real scorpion in the glass doused in Telsón Blanco. There's a salt rim and a lime wedge to make it more palatable if that's even possible. 

It's not exactly one of the tastiest drinks in Las Vegas, but it sure is one of the wildest and worth bragging about for years to come. "I shot that bug down 4 years ago, and I'd do it again," one Nacho Daddy customer wrote on the brand's Instagram page about the legendary shot. 

Super Mimosa - Mimosas Gourmet

Brunch in Las Vegas is its own category of event. The Vegas version usually has a rowdier atmosphere than anywhere else in the country, and it often resembles more of a nightclub experience than a simple meal. Mimosa's Gourmet is a chain that embraces the day-drinking attitude with its menu of giant mimosas worth sharing. The venue, which has two locations in Las Vegas, sells flavored mimosas in a giant goblet for $44.99 as of June 2023. 

The list of flavors is almost as impressive as the size of the glass, with basic choices like orange, peach, mango, strawberry, pineapple, and cranberry amidst the selection. Mimosas Gourmet also offers more exotic options like guava, lychee, passionfruit, prickly pear, pomegranate, and kiwi if you're feeling adventurous. Thankfully, the chain serves a delicious brunch menu to help soak up the booze so that you can keep the party going all day. 

Boozy milkshakes - Holsteins Shakes and Buns

Las Vegas is arguably an adult version of Disneyland, so it isn't surprising that there are plenty of combinations of alcohol and dessert to excite your inner child and give you a buzz. One of the prime spots for boozy milkshakes is Holsteins Shakes and Buns at The Cosmopolitan Hotel. It was too hard for us to pick just one of the spiked milkshakes, as they are all impressive. 

Depending on the shake, the drinks are spiked with booze like coffee liqueur, whipped cream vodka, salted caramel whiskey, and more. The toppings take it up a notch and include cookies, donuts, slices of cake, and s'mores. It might not be the easiest drink to sip, but it is probably the most indulgent. It's the kind of place you have to try once, if at least to get some colorful food photos to feature on your Instagram feed. 

Smoke & spice, nothing nice - Oak & Ivy

Oak & Ivy is a craft whiskey bar on Fremont Street in the Downtown Container Park shopping center. It's a destination for those who love sipping on the dark spirit, and ideal for cocktail enthusiasts looking to try something one-of-a-kind. One of the menu options is a drink called Smoke & Spice, Nothing Nice. 

The libation starts with a base of bourbon and BBQ bitters, which is already a bit off the beaten path. It also features brown sugar, wood smoke, and a BBQ spice rub to reinforce the savory and smoky flavors. The drink tastes like the entire essence of barbecue in a way that might be jarring at first, but it's undoubtedly a delicious rendition of a basic whiskey cocktail. You'll want everyone around you to try it because they won't believe the unique combination of flavors without tasting it for themselves. 

Huntridge Punch - Downtown Cocktail Room

Downtown Cocktail Room has been open for nearly two decades and it is still one of the most sought-after happy hours in downtown Las Vegas. Aside from its rotating list of seasonal cocktails, the discreet lounge serves two sizes of punch bowls made for sharing. The Huntridge Punch is an ode to old Vegas that has been a mainstay on its menu since 2013.

The cocktail features a mix of gin, absinthe, lemon mix, cucumber mix, and soda for a boozy, yet refreshing sip. It's so tasty that you'll be tempted to keep your cup filled until the bowl runs out, but watch out because the alcohol will catch up to you. Customers can opt for a punch bowl that serves either four to six or eight to 12 people, which is a great way to get the night started over a communal and festive beverage. 

Spiked Dole Whip - The Golden Tiki

Dole Whip is usually a popular dessert at Disney resorts, so it only makes sense that the adult playground of Las Vegas has a tiki bar serving up the boozy version. You'll want to make a stop at The Golden Tiki, where you can get tropical drinks served in a pineapple, punch bowls, and all of those classic tiki bar staples. It's another bar with amusing vibes that will tempt you to sit and stay awhile, and thankfully, there's no shortage of refreshments to accompany your visit. 

One of the most notable offerings at the Golden Tiki is its spiked Dole Whip float. Customers can opt for a Dole soft-serve float with either dark rum or pineapple vodka for this fruity take on a cocktail and dessert hybrid. There's also the option to order a non-alcoholic version, but it's more over-the-top if you get it spiked with a hefty shot. 

The Diva - Culichitown

Culichitown is a Mexican restaurant with a special flare, as evident by its impressive food and cocktail menus. The spirit of the bar is clear the second you walk in and are greeted with dancing, live music, and funky drinks at every table. Culichitown loves non-traditional glassware too, serving some of its signature drinks in vessels that resemble casserole dishes, cowboy hats, fish, skulls, and more. What's certain is you won't be able to get La Diva anywhere else. 

Culichitown's recipe consists of coconut rum and pineapple with lightly frothed cranberry juice. The real edge to the cocktail is that it's served in a glass that resembles a high heel shoe with a red sole. It might not seem natural to sip a drink out of a stiletto, but it's an experience you will only find at Culichitown, and you'll probably get a kick out of it too. 

Ono - XS nightclub

XS Nightclub at Encore is one of the top clubbing spots on the Strip, and it's serving what might be one of the most expensive drinks in Las Vegas as well. The Ono cocktail might not sound intimidating, but it will cost you a whopping $10,000 to sip on. The cocktail is comprised of over-the-top ingredients that each cost a fortune. It's made with Remy Martin's Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac, Charles Heidsieck Champagne Charlie, Sence Nectar rose extract, orange juice, and apricot puree, which makes it the most pompous mimosa of all time. 

The Ono also comes in a blinged-out champagne glass with a few gifts — an 18-karat gold necklace adorned with a black pearl and diamond, as well as a pair of Mont Blanc gold cuff links. Thankfully the expensive drink comes with a keepsake that screams luxury, and it's the kind of cocktail someone only needs once in their lifetime ... if they can afford it. 

40oz Bloody Mary - Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen

Another wild brunch option is served at Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen and Bar at The Linq. As you might expect from a restaurant created by the eccentric Food Network personality, the menu is filled with ridiculous versions of classic American dishes and drink. One sippable option worth sharing is Guy's Famous BBQ Bloody Mary, which is served in an impressively giant 40-ounce glass. 

To make Fieri's famous bloody, the bartender starts with a homemade mix infused with Fieri's bourbon brown sugar barbecue and Buffalo sauces for signature spice. The drink is spiked with Tito's Handmade Vodka and adorned with all of the garnishes a Bloody Mary lover could dream of, including candied bacon, sausage, and vegetables galore. The pictures of the drink say it all, and odds are it's one of the most extravagant Bloody Marys you can drink on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Up All Night - Clique Bar and Lounge

For a drink that's literally the star of the show, Clique Bar and Lounge serves a cocktail that doubles as a fireworks display. The bar, located in The Cosmopolitan, specializes in over-the-top cocktails, some of which are mixed tableside. For these customized orders, everyone at the table is required to get at least one drink. That rule applies to the Up All Night cocktail which comes with a massive sparkling flame on top. 

The bar's recipe for the fiery drink includes Mount Gay rum, orgeat, lemon, ginger syrup, blackberries, strawberries, and Peychaud's bitters. It's fruity, yet well-balanced considering it's a drink that's all about visual appeal. The best part is that the tableside service concludes with flaming drinks, which is sure to make every head in the lounge turn. If you're looking for a drink to set the tone for an evening of partying, Clique's Up All Night is surely a festive option to add to the repertoire. 

Foxtrot - The NoMad Bar

The hotel bar at the NoMad is one of the most sought-after seats in Las Vegas, so it's only right it serves equally outrageous drinks to celebrate the occasion of snagging a table. Among the selection, you'll find the Cocktail Explosions, which can serve from four to eight people and double as a centerpiece for your table. The bar has a few rotating options for shareable drinks, but a few of its cocktails stand the test of time as being customer favorites. 

The Foxtrot is a crowd-pleasing option with a tiki flavor profile that's spiked with spiced rye and bourbon. The recipe includes orgeat, Falernum, and lime to balance out all of that booze. This mega drink comes in an easy-to-pour dispenser that looks like a floral and fruit arrangement, which may also help make the drink worth its $200 price tag, as of June 2023. 

Shotski - Minus5 Icebar

The Minus5 Icebar has multiple locations across the Las Vegas Strip including at the Linq, the Venetian, and Mandalay Bay. Regardless of which bar you stop at, each one is a ridiculous experience to just visit alone. The entire bar is made of ice — the seats, the walls, and even the glasses that hold your cocktail of choice. Visitors get to bundle up in gloves and parkas to sip on festive icy drinks and watch the immersive light show taking place around them.  

There are several drinks on the Minus5 Icebar menu that double as delicious and fun, but taking shots is truly a must for every visitor. One option is to gather your friends for a Shotski of your booze of choice, with a selection that includes Skrewball, Fireball, Jägermeister, and more. The Shotski is served in a ski, or you can also sip shots out of ice luges for the ultimate chill experience. 

Cotton Candy Crush - Candy Martini Bar

The I Love Sugar Candy Martini Bar is the ideal place to live out your dream of being an adult kid in a booze-filled candy store. Located on the Strip outside of the Linq, the bar serves up several giant candy martinis topped with gummy worms, liquid smoke, and booze-infused gummy bears. The giant martinis, which cost $45 each as of June 2023, are a sight to behold. Simply sitting and watching the bartenders craft up every patron's extraordinary orders is an experience in itself.

For true sugar lovers, the Cotton Candy Crush is the best pick. The drink starts with a base of El Jimador tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and a sweet and sour mix, sort of resembling a classic margarita. However, the drink takes on wild proportions when it's topped with a "mound of cotton candy" that turns it pink and way more celebratory.

Worldly Old Fashioned - Petrossian Bar

One could say there is no drink more worldly than an Old Fashioned, but the Petrossian Bar at the Bellagio takes that idea to a whole other level. The upscale bar's Worldly Old Fashioned stays true to its name by being served in a massive etched glass globe. The elaborate drink is comprised of Yamazaki 12-year Japanese whisky, WhistlePig 10-year rye, Craigelliache 13-year scotch, demerara syrup, and Angostura bitters.

For vodka lovers, Petrossian Bar is also known for its luxurious caviar options, including its famous caviar tacos and some over-the-top drinks like The Bellagio Martini. The vodka-based cocktail is infused with citrus flavors and served with an Ossetra caviar cigar for a real umami explosion in your mouth. You can't go wrong with either drink, so it all depends on whether you prefer light or dark spirits, as both cocktails are equally worth a taste.

Cocktail Tree - Sushisamba

The ethos of outrageous cocktails in Las Vegas comes in the form of the Cocktail Tree from Sushisamba. The Japanese-Brazilian-Peruvian fusion restaurant, which is located at The Venetian Resort, has an entire menu worth exploring once you can get past the awe-inducing cocktail tree. The drink order is exactly what it sounds like — a serving tray designed like a tree that comes with 12 different cocktails or mocktails that instantly become the centerpiece of the table. 

Sushisamba customers can choose from several signature cocktails on the menu, such as a Sambatini, Caipirinha, and wasabi margarita, to include in their tree. It's an easy way to get a little taste of each of the delicious cocktails if indecision is plaguing you. There are also mocktail options for those avoiding booze, so everyone at the table can be satisfied. Not to mention, this photo-worthy cocktail concoction is the perfect way to showcase your night out in Vegas.

Mexican Tickler - Mas Por Favor

Mas Por Favor is a Mexican spot in Chinatown that serves authentic Latin cuisine and strong drinks to wash it down. One shot with a name that's as crazy as its appearance is the Mexican Tickler. Don't be fooled — this isn't your average shot of tequila. The chilled spirit is served in a hollowed-out jalapeño pepper with a Black Hawaiian sea salt rim. The pepper is displayed in a mini flower pot with crushed ice to keep it cold and propped up. 

The Mexican Tickler looks more like home decor than a drink, but it's an unusual way to make taking a tequila shot a little more exciting (and spicy). A round of Mexican Tickler shots is also a great way to start a meal at Mas Por Favor, to prepare your palate for the ensuing explosion of flavors that's to come. 

Bathtub Fizz - Underground @ The Mob Museum

Underground @ The Mob Museum is an old-school speakeasy that instantly transports customers back to the Prohibition era. The entire vibe of the bar is based on the roaring 1920s, from the decor to its vintage drinks. While the moonshine and other classics are enticing, you can't miss out on the Bathtub Fizz drink served in a miniature porcelain bathtub. 

The drink is inspired by bathtub gin that people would make at home during the Prohibition era, often in their tubs so that the spirit could be easily diluted with water. Underground's version includes gin, sloe gin, Aperol, sugar, lemon, egg white, and bitters. The bar offers a smaller version of the drink that isn't served in the replica tub, but it does add to the novelty drinking experience of the deluxe riff on a gin fizz cocktail. On the flip side, the museum also sells its bathtub glass for customers to purchase for their home bars.