The Best Aldi Finds For Father's Day 2023

June is here, which means it's time to figure out what your dad's missing from his grill master's toolkit and fill in the gaps. Father's Day is a great chance to show him a little extra love with a thoughtful gift, but it can sometimes be hard to choose one, especially for those strong, silent types who don't have any wants or needs in mind. If the way to Dad's heart is through his stomach via his love of grilling or smoking any type of meat, Aldi has a variety of brand-new products that will take the guesswork out for you.

The fact that this special day falls right at the cusp of summer makes these 2023 Aldi Father's Day Finds even better. Whether he's prepping his grill recipes for the next family cookout or looking to redecorate the backyard with a new fire pit, you're bound to find something in this gift collection that will show him you care about his passions. Here's what's coming to Aldi just in time for you and your father to enjoy some poolside weather and share a plate of some mouthwatering BBQ goodness.

Range Master 4 Piece BBQ Tool Set

Every good grill master needs a basic set of tools that will get the job done. This handy collection includes four essential BBQ tools: a spatula, set of tongs, basting brush, and a two-prong fork. You'll be able to grab this grill set at Aldi after June 7 for $12.99 if you feel like your father deserves an upgrade.

Range Master 17-Inch Portable Tabletop Gas Griddle

Outdoor adventures just got more delicious and can be wherever you go. This compact griddle from Range Master is convenient for when your family needs to take your dad's skills on the road, ready to flaunt his good-tasting grilled food and crank out some flavorful recipes for everyone to enjoy. You'll find it in stores on June 7 for just $69.99, which is a great deal compared to other popular portable griddles out there that have prices closer to $100 or more.

Huntington Home Craft Beer Candle, Assorted Scents

If your dad loves having the best beer in hand during the heat of summer, he might love smelling it around the house. It's more than just beer-scented, though. These three scented candles from Aldi feature a mix of other complimentary fragrances, while still giving off those familiar hoppy hints. After June 7, you can get one of these beer glass candles for $5.99. You can choose between the scents of O'Malley's Chocolate and Oatmeal, Liberty Harbor Honey and Barley, or Wolf Mountain Brewing's Hops and Grapefruit.

Crofton Drink Caddy

If you're celebrating Father's Day in a group or want to test out your new barbecue cookout sauces, it makes sense to keep your drinks secure and in one place. Drink caddies like this one are great for just that, and it even has a wood finish for dads who enjoy it when things have a nice rustic touch to them. Aldi will have this item available for $12.99 after June 7 for whenever you've got company to enjoy your favorite summertime activities with.

Crane Fliptop Cooler, Assorted Designs

Who doesn't love a portable cooler to keep a classic lemonade, sweet tea, and other refreshing drinks perfectly frosty for hours? If your family decides it's a great time to take your dad to the beach to either relax in the sun or hit the waves, Aldi will have this handy flip-top cooler in stores on June 14 for $14.99. You can even choose between four different designs and colors, so pick the style that best suits your dad's personality.

Range Master Portable Charcoal Grill

If your dad doesn't have plans to replace that charcoal grill, you might want to think about getting him a portable one for Father's Day. This way, if you score him tickets to watch his favorite team's game, it's sure to be a hit with any BBQ-loving, hungry tailgaters. Aldi will have it ready for game day after June 14 for only $14.99 if he's got grilling on the brain.

Stonemill BBQ Grill Pack

There's no room for mistakes when it comes to seasoning a grilled steak or turning dry chicken into a perfectly marinated morsel. Aldi will have this pack of seasoning gems that you can purchase on June 21, and its only $7.99 for five entirely unique flavors. You'll get to try Stonemill's Basting BBQ Sauce, Steak Pepper Crust, Pit Master Rub, Garlic Everything Seasoning, and a fiery Mango and Smoked Habanero Seasoning.

Crofton Titanium Knife Set, Assorted Colors

Maybe your dad isn't so great with grilling, but loves creating delicious meals for the family whenever he can. Any chef with kitchen knife skills would love to receive a shiny new set of good-quality knives, and Aldi will have this set of three available on June 28 for $7.99. If his taste is a little less basic and a little more fun, you might want to go with one of the other two knife colors offered besides black.

Grill Master Collection

What could put a bigger smile on a grill master's face than receiving a seven-pound box of tender and juicy assorted meats for Father's Day? Aldi's exclusive Grill Master Collection has tons of delicious cuts like beef ribeye steaks, boneless chicken, sirloin steaks, eight beef burgers, and (somehow) even more. Aldi will hook you up with this awesome gift on June 7 for $59.99. Grab it for Dad and tell him to go wild.

Island & Bay Grilling and Shredding BBQ Gift Set

Looking to try out a BBQ pulled pork recipe? If that's the meal dad's heart is set on for Father's Day, he only has to wait until June 7 to get this nice set for $13.99, complete with meat shredders and seasonings like dry rubs and BBQ sauce for soaking whatever meat he's cooking in tons of flavor.

Belavi Portable Gas Fire Pit with Locking Lid

If your family's pit master has added a good fast-heating propane grill to his wish list and is ready to discover the differences between it and a charcoal grill, this gas fire pit from Belavi could be a real time-saver. The locking lid is a great feature that seals in all the heat to keep any meat flavorful and juicy. It becomes available at Aldi stores on June 21 for $69.99. If he's not using it as a grill, you could also use it as a no-mess campfire for a Father's Day camping trip.