Costco's Churro-Flavored Bundt Cake Is Sadly Only In California

A new offering at Costco combines one of the store's sugary food court hits with a bakery staple. Costco churros were a former fan favorite. Now, the chain has introduced a product that brings the cinnamon-flavored treat to the bakery section in the form of a Bundt cake. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the product only appears to be offered in California. 

A post to the subreddit r/Costco featured a picture of the churro cake accompanied by the question: "Anyone try?" Dusted in powdered sugar and drizzled in dulce de leche, the product clocks in at 2.5 pounds according to its packaging, and goes for $10.79 at the location where it was discovered. It looks like a sugar bomb that commenters were ready to detonate. Multiple commenters expressed a desire to make a Costco run. But when an eager Redditor wanted to know which store had the cake, the poster responded that it was in Danville, California. Commenters from other states were quick to express their jealousy, as they hadn't seen the product arrive in their own stores.

We don't know if the product will only see a regional roll-out, but the supplier is located in the Bay area. The cake is made by Bakery Street Inc., which specializes in sweets like cupcakes, macarons, and madeleines. On its official Instagram page, the company informed followers that they could find the cake in Bay area Costcos.

Unfortunately for non-Californians, a shopper found it delicious

The Churro Bundt cake debuts after Costco's food court churros have fallen from grace among some shoppers. The classic churros saw a dip in quality in recent years, according to some social media users. A 2021 Reddit thread lamented the alleged staleness and strange texture of the fried treats, which were even more expensive than the beloved original version. However, those who think they may have dodged an equally disappointing cake by not living in the Bay area may taste a bit of envy after seeing how delicious a Redditor found it.

But how could a Bundt cake possibly compare to the fried dessert? Apparently, the similarities are surprising. On the Reddit thread introducing the dessert, a skeptical commenter wondered how it differed from a normal cinnamon Bundt. The original poster cited distinguishing elements of the baked good, including its churro-y flavor and texture, plus the dulce de leche drizzle. The poster's full review also fawned over the cake's "distinct churro flavor" and "moist pound cake consistency," concluding: "paired with a cup of coffee, this is a heavy hitter."

Sadly, the Churro Bundt cake is an example of how Costo's offerings can differ widely between regions, with the availability sometimes being based on local demand or supplier availability. Either way, churro bundt cakes seem to be staying in California for now.