You Should Be Combining Your Tuna And Egg Salad

When it comes to high-protein, low-effort lunches, it doesn't get easier than your favorite egg salad recipe or a basic tuna salad recipe. Just mix hard-boiled eggs or a drained can of tuna with mayo, a little salt and pepper, and serve on bread or with crackers or veggie sticks for dipping. But as with so many food items (We're looking at you, peanut butter and jelly), it turns out that you might be able to make an even better dish by combining these two simple staple ingredients.

Think about it. Recipes for egg salad and tuna salad are so similar that combining them just makes sense. Both are usually made with mayo, and can sometimes include ingredients like celery, pickles, scallions, and other veggies. And tuna and boiled eggs are already a beloved combo in certain dishes — a classic Nicoise salad has both, and in Spain, deviled eggs filled with tuna is a popular tapa. Better yet? There are even some health and cost benefits to combining tuna with eggs to make a tuna-egg salad.

Benefits of combining your tuna and egg salad

As one TikToker pointed out, making a combined tuna and egg salad is a great high-protein, low-calorie meal, especially if you use non-fat or low-fat mayo. "This keeps me full for hours," they said. Combining the two can also be helpful for those looking to address specific dietary concerns. Those watching their cholesterol can benefit from cutting egg salad with tuna, as tuna has much less cholesterol (42 milligrams of cholesterol per 100 grams for canned white tuna, versus 372 milligrams per 100 grams for eggs). 


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Another health consideration is mercury. Tuna is one of the fish that contains the most mercury, which can cause health problems, especially in children and people who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It's even listed as a fish to avoid for those populations by the FDA. Those who love tuna or can't stop craving it could try adding boiled eggs to their tuna salad to help reduce the amount of mercury-containing tuna in the recipe.

Last, but not least, combining tuna and egg salad could help consumers save money. Egg prices have finally dropped to an affordable level, so if they're cheaper than tuna, adding them to tuna salad could help save money. Likewise, if egg prices happen to skyrocket again, you might be able to make your egg salad more affordable by using fewer eggs and adding tuna. It might not be traditional, but combining egg and tuna salad clearly has some benefits.