McPops Are The FOODMO-Inducing Menu Item At McDonald's Spain

If you always save some room for dessert after a tasty meal, you may not have considered putting a sweet treat from the Golden Arches on your radar. Unless you're a devotee of the classic McDonald's McFlurry, there aren't many dessert options at the chain's United States locations. Beyond various ice cream flavors, desserts at American McDonald's locations include a chocolate chip cookie, apple fritters, an iced cinnamon roll, a baked apple pie, or a blueberry muffin. Given the limited options, we can't help but turn our attention to McDonald's desserts in other countries to see what the States are missing out on. According to its sweets menu in Spain, the answer is, well, a lot.

With decadent chocolate muffins, creamy tarts and cakes, and a few fun cake pop flavors, Spain's McDonald's desserts are reminiscent of fancier items you might find at a Starbucks bakery. But there's one treat that first-time tasters quickly put at the top of their favorites list: the sugar-dusted donuts served on Spain's McCafé menu. These bite-sized delights, called McPops, can be enjoyed with white chocolate or chocolate hazelnut fillings and ordered in packs of 4 or 10. A handful of these mini donuts pair perfectly with a frothy latte — and the best part is, you don't have to book a flight to Spain to try them.

You can try McPops at the McDonald's headquarters in Chicago

Step into the McDonald's headquarters in Chicago's West Loop, and you'll find its menu is unlike any other. On the first floor, you can experience unique flavors and meal options from different international McDonald's menus, like Spain's powdered McPops donuts. Two food-centric content creators based in the Windy City ordered them when visiting the McDonald's Global Restaurant and posted their reaction to TikTok. Nicole Ludwig, one of the creators, described the McPops as one of their "favorite things of all time."


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In the comments, Ludwig explained the Spanish McPops weren't served hot but claimed they were still soft enough to be delicious even at room temperature. Chicago-based food writer Bethany Biron also made a mission out of trying many of the global McDonald's entrées. Biron described the Global Restaurant building as having a chic, modern décor and displays of each menu item next to its country's corresponding flag. 

After enjoying a Malaysian mango sundae, a Kung Pao chicken sandwich from China, and an Aussie Angus Burger, Biron eventually tried the McPops. Upon biting into Spain's chocolate hazelnut McPops, Biron reported that the donuts were one of their favorite items on the McDonald's international menu. Unfortunately, most of America will have to settle for a McCafé menu devoid of fluffy, chocolate-laced donuts... for now.