McDonald's Fans Told Mashed Which International Menu Item They Want To See In The U.S - Exclusive Survey

While there's no denying that McDonald's U.S. has plenty of tasty options to choose from, as humans, we always think the grass is greener on the other side. In other words, sometimes an American Big Mac just isn't good enough, and we want what the McDonald's in other countries have. But what international McDonald's items do Americans crave the most? Mashed recently surveyed more than 17,000 readers, providing the choices of Canada's poutine, Japan's teriyaki burger, China's Spicy McWings, India's McAloo Tikki burger, and Belgium and the Netherlands' McKroket.

Naturally, of all the McDonald's items you can't buy in the U.S., poutine came out on top, with 34% of the votes. The teriyaki burger and Spicy McWings tied for second with 27% each, the McAloo Tikki burger came in third with 7%, and the McKroket brought up the rear with 6%. Although these results were interesting enough in and of themselves, readers' comments offered further insights.

Mashed readers weren't shy about their favorite international McDonald's item

Of the 17,000+ readers who took a moment to vote on their favorite international McDonald's menu item, nearly two hundred also dropped a comment. A few wanted to clarify that they would've chosen more than one item if given the chance, while others said that they had discovered during their travels just how "limited" the American menu really is.

Still others, of course, offered up their own suggestions as to what international items they want to see in the U.S. Several people were quick to say they wanted the McDonald's fried apple pies to return. Meanwhile, others said they wanted to see Germany's breakfast bagel sandwich, Thailand's McPad Thai, and the United Kingdom's vegetarian options.

With all that being said, a few Americans shared their McDonald's secrets. According to one, the teriyaki burger is available at McDonald's in Hawaii, and a second person said some of these international items can be found at the Global McDonald's in Chicago. This may not be helpful for everyone, but it's worth putting out there.