The Best Celebrity-Made Egg Dishes We Could Find

Eggs are an excellent main dish or addition to a meal. One reason is that eating an egg is a great source of proteins and nutrients, according to Healthline. One large egg is less than 100 calories and contains vitamins, minerals, high-quality protein, good fats, and small amounts of several vitamins. Aside from their health benefits, their flavor and versatility also make eggs excellent additions to any meal. There are innumerable ways to not only cook an egg but also enhance it by adding other ingredients.

There are many reasons why everyone from home cooks to celebrities love eating and cooking with eggs, even superstars like Taylor Swift, who claims to always have eggs on hand to eat with her go-to breakfast of buckwheat crepes, ham, and cheese. One notable exception is the Mayor of Flavortown, Guy Fieri, who notoriously does not care for eggs. As Canadian celebrity chef Lynn Crawford notes, "eggs are such a complementary food — they go with everything. From topping off a backyard barbecue burger to including eggs in baked goods, they make everything perfect" (via Egg Farmers of Canada). There are infinite ways to cook an egg — and many celebrity chefs have made their mark by finding unique methods of cooking something outstanding with this humble ingredient.

Gordon Ramsey's bacon jam toast with scrambled eggs

If you haven't heard of or seen chef Gordon Ramsay's soft scrambled egg recipe, it is time to get out from underneath the proverbial rock. While the concept is relatively simple, the methods used by Ramsay result in some of the creamiest, fluffiest scrambled eggs.

Some of Ramsay's signature moves are the use of heat and techniques that stray from the norm, as noted in his scrambled eggs and bacon jam recipe. Instead of whisking the eggs first and adding them to the pan, he cracks them straight into the pan and cooks them at high heat, removing the pan from direct heat in 30-second intervals. This helps cook the eggs fairly quickly without burning and keeps them soft and creamy. Pairing this with a sturdy piece of toast adds vital texture to the dish.

As delicious as the scrambled eggs are, creating an ideal pairing is crucial to any meal. Ramsay's use of a savory bacon jam adds depth of flavor. Some people passionate about scrambled eggs recommend a sweet jam to get a more complex balance. Mixing savory and sweet is a classic method of keeping things fresh in the kitchen, as Chef Kelly Senyei tells Insider. She enjoys scrambled eggs with strawberry jam. Other ways to mix it up with your scrambled eggs are a drizzle of maple syrup, or if you like spice, hot honey sauce to bring some added heat.

Bobby Flay's cacio e pepe eggs

For celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay, cacio e pepe is a delicious classic that's ripe for reimagining in interesting ways. Flay takes on the challenge by spinning the recipe on its head and incorporating the flavors of cacio e pepe in eggs.

As he demonstrates to "Today" while promoting his cookbook "Sundays With Sophie," the recipe calls for a cacio e pepe-inspired vinaigrette that he drizzles onto perfectly poached eggs. This composition of poached eggs and vinaigrette adds the decadence and creaminess of dripping egg yolks to the flavorful cheese and black pepper sauce.

The delicate use of cheese and pepper in the classic cacio e pepe pasta is hard to resist, though it can be a challenge to get exactly right. Too much water and the sauce breaks and doesn't emulsify correctly; if the water is too hot the sauce will become stringy. However, with a vinaigrette, all that is needed is to simply combine the cheese, pepper, olive oil, and other ingredients into a homogenous mixture. With Flay's recipe, not only can you add this cacio e pepe sauce to your favorite style of cooked eggs, but you can also dress a simple salad. Even better, this recipe can be the star dish of your breakfast, brunch, or even dinner.

Ree Drummond's frittata

There are a few different egg-centric casserole dishes that seem fairly similar, but actually are quite different. A strata, for example, is an egg-based bread pudding that can be savory or sweet. In contrast, a frittata is more akin to a crustless quiche crossed with an omelet that is cooked on the stove and finished in the oven. The beauty of most of these dishes is their flexibility and capacity to incorporate fresh or leftover ingredients. The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, loves using her Sunday frittata recipe to incorporate any usable leftovers as flavorful additions to this dish.

Drummond has crafted several versions of a frittata, but one that resonates most with her style is a Tex-Mex version. This recipe utilizes pepper jack and salsa to bring in that Southwest flavor. As important as ingredients, however, is the pan you use to cook with — in this case, a cast iron pan is your best friend. A cast iron pan is ideal as it can go from the stovetop to the oven easily and cook the frittata evenly. Whether you like the flavors of Drummond's Tex-Mex version or prefer different ingredients and tastes, a frittata is a great egg dish to feed a crowd or spread out over the week.

Jamie Oliver's morning-after breakfast

After a long night out, sometimes the best way to revive yourself the next day is a hearty breakfast. For Jamie Oliver, nothing beats a comforting plate of breakfast hash, which he calls the best morning-after breakfast.

A classic hash typically involves potatoes, onions, and chopped meat cooked with a side of eggs. Oliver's hash utilizes some classic ingredients while packing in great zest and heat with Iberico chorizo and brightly flavored veggies like red peppers and cherry tomatoes for acidity. Topped with a few freshly cracked sunny-side-up eggs, this dish is bound to be a winner at any breakfast or brunch. Like most breakfast hashes, this dish can be customized to your taste — you can switch up the variety of potato or how you chop the ingredients.

The secret that separates this hash from others has to be the incomparable chorizo, which is rich with intense flavor all by itself. Oliver calls for Spanish chorizo in his recipe, but Mexican chorizo would make an excellent hash too. Most Mexican chorizos are raw so be sure to cook these thoroughly in your hash. The variety of meat will also determine what veggies you use and the level of heat incorporated in the dish.

Robert Irvine's bacon & deviled egg salad

Deviled eggs, bacon, and salad are usually strewn across a picnic or lunch table as separate items. Combined, these ingredients shine in chef Robert Irvine's bacon & deviled egg salad, which feels like a simplified riff on a classic Cobb.

A typical Cobb salad includes greens, hard-boiled eggs, chicken, bacon, tomatoes, cheese, and croutons with any style of dressing. Packed with so many different ingredients, the flavors in this salad can be a bit muddled and overwhelming. Irvine's salad offers flavors and textures similar to a Cobb but with a more unified taste profile. The recipe has some Southern flair from the barbecue sauce-coated bacon, okra, and pickled onions.

The deviled eggs, however, are the star ingredient of the dish and give you the opportunity to add a creamy element and some spice to the salad. The term "deviled" in cooking refers to cooking with heat or spice. The level of flavor and spice in Irvine's recipe surpasses the typical cayenne and mustard in classic deviled eggs — he adds Cajun seasoning, sriracha, two types of mustard, and smoked paprika for even more depth of flavor. If these adjustments don't inspire you to try this dish, it's hard to say what would.

Ina Garten's herb-baked eggs

With her seemingly effortless style of sophisticated cooking, Ina Garten would be the chef to take something as simple as oven-baked eggs and give them a savory, yet herbaceous twist. The Barefoot Contessa's recipe for herb-baked eggs takes little time to make but is sure to be a classy, delicious addition to any meal. Fresh garlic and herbs are minced and combined with parmesan cheese and sprinkled heavily over eggs baked with cream and butter in the oven. The cream's richness is cut by the brightness of the herbs and the tang of the cheese and garlic. Crispy toast adds texture.

While Garten's version stays true to the simple, butter-laden style of French cooking, there are ways to make this dish more contemporary and packed with even more flavor. If the French style of this dish is what inspires you most, there are other herbs you can use to punch up the taste. Typical herbs used in French cooking include tarragon, chives, chervil, and parsley, some of which make up the components of herbes de Provence. Other herbs that would taste good in this dish include marjoram, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and even lavender.

You can also try cooking individual eggs using a muffin tin. Each egg can be customized by taste if needed, and more eggs can be cooked at one time.

Anthony Bourdain's scrambled eggs with sour cream

The late Anthony Bourdain made an immense impact on the culinary world with his humility and authenticity, as well as his ability to go with the flow. There are so many bits of knowledge and experience he left with the world, including a simple yet effective method of making scrambled eggs that took social media by storm.

Bourdain notes that the recipe was one he used to make in a restaurant in the '70s. The combination of bacon, butter, eggs, scallions, and a light scoop of sour cream makes a creamy, delicious breakfast sure to keep you satisfied. The addition of sour cream is not exclusive to Bourdain necessarily. Other chefs like Bobby Flay have encouraged the use of dairy products like sour cream and creme fraiche to add silkiness to scrambled eggs.

Though this recipe is great, scrambled eggs don't need to involve extra touches like these, according to Bourdain. In fact, in an interview with Tech Insider, Bourdain relayed that scrambled eggs should showcase just that — the egg. A fresh egg is crucial, and preparing it fresh is important too. Cracking the egg and beating it right before cooking is how to best keep its taste and texture at peak levels.

David Chang's chawanmushi

Chef David Chang is nothing if not an innovator, from Momofuku to Netflix. In 2021 he extended his artistry into the kitchen gadget realm, working to design a cookware line specifically for the microwave called Anyday. A dish that can easily be done in the microwave and come out as delicious as if it were cooked on a stove or oven, Chang's recipe for chawanmushi is a steamed egg dish that holds as much flavor as it does surprises.

The microwave is pivotal to the success of the chawanmushi, according to Chang. "It's a dish that's a bit complicated to cook on a stovetop since you need to set up a double boiler, but it's now so simple and easy to make in the microwave" (via Architectural Digest). As a steamed custard dish, the dish is typically prepared in a small bowl or cup that can be closed with a lid. Prepared with seasonal ingredients with lots of umami, it can be a great way to serve eggs that are full of rich savory flavor. And while the Chang method of cooking chawanmushi requires a microwave, there are plenty of ways to get velvety smooth steamed eggs, such as in a pot with a steamer basket.

Jacque Pépin's eggs Jeannette

Everyone's favorite French chef Jacque Pépin's best advice for making any egg dish is that choosing organic eggs makes all the difference, no matter what you're cooking. For Pépin, a family classic that honors his traditions and utilizes fresh, organic eggs is eggs Jeannette, named after his mother who inspired him to cook.

A variation on a deviled egg, this recipe showcases a stuffed hard-boiled egg that is lightly toasted on both sides and served with a tangy, bright dressing. As Pepin notes to chef Lidia Bastianich, this dish was a favorite in their home, particularly as a source of protein, as meat was hard to find during World War II (via WETA). With regard to the dish, perfecting the presentation leads to a great finished product. This includes getting a perfect boil on the egg.

Pepin recommends poking the tiniest hole into the top of the eggs before placing them in the water to help prevent cracking. He also notes that peeling the eggs under water releases the shell more easily.

Molly Yeh's Asian Scotch eggs

As the star of the Food Network show "Girl Meets Farm," Molly Yeh knows a lot about living between two worlds and making it work for you. Her Jewish and Chinese background also helps facilitate her openness to combining unconventional pairings. One example of her unique approach melds Asian ingredients, including soy sauce, ginger, rice vinegar, and panko breadcrumbs, with a European tradition: the Scotch egg.

This egg recipe outshines the traditional method of wrapping meat around a hard-boiled egg. Originally Scotch eggs were scrumptious picnic treats for wealthy citizens of England, as the compact little delicacies were ideal for eating while traveling. That's true of Yeh's Asian-flavored riff on the classic recipe as well. While the effort to prepare and cook them is a bit more laborious than snacks like chips or a premade sandwich, a plate of these is bound to start a conversation and open eyes to new cuisines.

Alton Brown's aged eggnog

An iconic celebrity chef, Alton Brown has had years to perfect a plethora of recipes. One recipe that highlights eggs in an intriguing way is that holiday treat everyone knows about and rarely makes at home: eggnog. While most opt to get the premade kind, Brown's boozy aged eggnog recipe shows the advantage of making this beverage at home.

In the oldest recipes for eggnog, ale was used as the alcohol of choice. Nowadays more modern recipes opt for spirits like cognac, brandy, rum, and others. While it might feel like you need a lot of liquor to make the perfect batch of eggnog, this is not always the case. A balanced pot of fresh eggnog is one part alcohol to five parts eggnog mix. Brown's aged version uses extra alcohol to preserve it — he calls for Jamaican rum and cognac, as well as bourbon. And while you can drink this version immediately, Brown recommends aging for at least a month for lots of flavor development from the alcohol and spices.