Eggs And Potatoes Are An Unrivaled Breakfast-For-Dinner Pairing

Back in the mid-teens, cereal for dinner seemed like a hot new trend. While it's true that pouring a bowl of crunchy nuggets makes for a convenient meal after a busy day, it's not really all that satisfying nor, we dare say, too enjoyable. Cereal's ok as a healthy(ish) snack, but it doesn't really seem like dinner without some protein and starch. Still, there is a classic, cheap, and easy-to-fix breakfast pairing that fills the bill and translates into a perfect evening meal, as well: potatoes and eggs. What we like best about this terrific twosome is that both of these ingredients are among the less expensive staples you can buy at the grocery store. Even at their most expensive, eggs for dinner haven't been much of a budget-buster, while potato prices have never put us into sticker shock. Eggs also bring healthy protein, good fats, and vitamins to the table, while potatoes are not only filling but supply all that carb energy along with some nutrients of their own.

Potato omelets or eggs with crispy breakfast potatoes are classic breakfast dishes that can also work for dinner, but this ingredient pairing also makes its way to the dinner table in the form of sides like potato salad made with hard-boiled eggs. (Our salad recipe sees your eggs and potatoes and raises you a dollop of mustard.) Still, there are other ways you can make egg and potato main dishes that definitely scream "dinner" instead of giving off breakfasty vibes.

Here's some egg and potato dinner inspiration

Yes, you can just fry up some eggs and heat up frozen hash browns and have a perfectly glorious diner-style brinner, especially if you chuck some cheese into the potatoes and maybe add a few sausage patties or slices of bacon on the side. For a potato-egg entree that's a bit different from your usual fare, though, try making a patty out of a mashed, boiled potato mixed with egg and frying that up to create a potato-slash-egg burger. You can also finely dice and saute potatoes, then scramble them with eggs and stir in some cooked spaghetti for a potato pasta frittata or else bake cooked potato chunks with eggs and parmesan to make a classic potato frittata.

Yet another way to combine potatoes and eggs is to bake the potato, then stuff it with an eggy filling. You can use a basic egg yolk-slash-mayonnaise deviled egg filling and stuff it in a baked potato (tiny new potatoes can make for a cute appetizer or snack). Or else you could bake a large potato, cut it in half, scoop out and season the filling (cheese makes a nice addition here), then crack an egg on top. Slide the potato halves back into the oven and bake them until the eggs are set. Diced, sauteed potatoes can even be added to the trendy tomato-egg dish known as shakshuka, while eggs can be baked atop a pan of patats bravas.