Kim Kardashian Is Getting Roasted For Her Poolside Hummus Snack

Poor Kim Kardashian. Yes, she may be fabulously wealthy, good-looking, and have hot and cold running celebrity boyfriends on tap, but she also seems to live a life of relentless roasting. While the rest of us can (and usually do) share every single boring detail of our lives on social media with no fear that anyone other than our mom is likely to offer an opinion, Kim is pretty much guaranteed a constant stream of criticism no matter how trivial the detail she reveals. Case in point: her latest revelation that she likes eating hummus with carrots and celery sticks.

When Kardashian shared a snap of her snack, one she was apparently enjoying as she lounged by her pool [insert obligatory snark about millionaires and their mansions here], one of her followers appears to have screen-grabbed the Instagram story and shared it on Twitter with the caption "this is soooooooooooo funny." The comments section agreed, with some ripping on Kardashian's own annotation (she called hummus with vegetables her "latest obsession") and others poking fun at the fact that the carrot and celery slivers were elegantly presented atop a bed of ice. One even noted, "She's Armenian and is just discovering hummus now???," although, in Kardashian's defense, a) she didn't say that hummus was a new discovery and b) hummus may be North African, Middle Eastern, or Levantine in origin, but is not native to Armenia so any lack of familiarity wouldn't indicate that she's out of touch with her roots.

This isn't the first time she's been food-shamed

Despite Kim Kardashian using the word "latest" to describe her current passion for hummus, she's eaten it in the past on a fairly regular basis, and it was known to be a favorite of ex-husband Kanye, as well. In fact, if she shares diet tips with her sisters, she's undoubtedly aware that Khloe considers hummus to be a go-to whenever she wants to drop a few pounds. (It may be hard work being gorgeous, but hummus and veggies do make a tasty low-calorie swap for chips and dip.)

Why Kim Kardashian's food choices bring out such vitriol is a mystery that may never be solved, but it seems to be an ongoing issue. Twitter users poked fun at a 2022 commercial she did for Beyond Meat due to the fact that she seemed to be pretending to chew what was clearly a bite-free burger, thus prompting obvious comments such as "Fake meat? Fake bite? Fake hair? Fake nails?" She also caught flak for apparently being unfamiliar with tortellini, something she revealed to a server at a Milan restaurant in footage that later aired on a 2022 episode of "The Kardashians."

Yes, living a life in the public eye, especially when done by choice, does leave one open to commentary from the peanut gallery. Making fun of Kim Kardashian's lack of foodie knowledge and food choices in general, however, is starting to seem like low-hanging fruit that probably shouldn't be plucked.