Kim Kardashian's Tortellini Controversy Explained

The internet-breaking, news-making, and exceptionally wealthy Kim Kardashian has somehow managed to fall afoul of the public over tortellini. It's not the first time the public has focused on a food-related issue involving a star of "The Kardashians." During a May airing of the show, Kendall Jenner attempted to cut a cucumber but did so in a manner betraying that she had little experience with it (she even asked, "Don't cucumbers have seeds?" per YouTube). So widespread was the public response that her sister Kylie called her "cucumber girl," per People.

Another moment that caught fans' eyes was Kim Kardashian's partnership with Beyond Meat. According to commenters on YouTube and social media, the meat was not the only thing that was fake in an ad for the brand. They accused her of not really chewing the food in an ad for the plant-based brand. "Kim Kardashian fake-chewing a Beyond Meat burger that has no bite taken out of it is making me spiral," said one person in a tweet. And the food comments keep on coming, thanks to a question about pasta.

Kim Kardashian's tortellini question

Kim Kardashian spent some time in Italy to watch her sister Kendall Jenner strut her stuff while regaled in Prada at the Milan Fashion week, per People. At some point during the excursion, Kardashian stopped over at a restaurant. But it appears that she wasn't familiar with one of the pasta dishes. "What is tortellini?" she enquired of the offering. An innocent enough question that might go unnoticed if asked by someone living outside the limelight. But coming from her, it was treated like a bigger deal.

In addition, Kardashian ended up ordering a portion of penne, per E! News (via YouTube). "I'm sorry [...] did ANYONE ELSE notice Kim k ask WHAT TORTELLINI IS in the latest episode?" asked @lailabelowcanal. "KIM KARDASHIAN asked what tortellini is...HUH," tweeted @falxsteen. "It is very normal to ask if you don't know something!" replied user @Ananje7. Touché, but not if you are a Kardashian, apparently.

This particular Kardashian's pasta preferences have made headlines before. She once tweeted about what she called "the sweet corn truffle pasta from the best restaurant ever, Georgio Baldi in Santa Monica." She was amused to learn that, apparently, two years after she posted a photo of it, it trended. The following year a writer for Insider went out of their way to try it. And no, it wasn't tortellini – it was ravioli.