Burger King Thailand's New Menu Item Takes 'Extra Cheese' To A New Level

With so many ways to order a Whopper — 221,184, to be exact — you'll basically never run out of ways to customize at Burger King. Even so, Burger King Thailand has just added one more Whopper option to its menu, and it dials the whole concept of "extra cheese" up to 11. Called The Real Cheese Burger, the menu item is simple, yet over-the-top, consisting of 20 (yes, 20) slices of American cheese sandwiched between a classic Whopper bun.

If you think this sounds like a cheesy prank, you're not alone. Folks on Thai social media thought so too, until an official Facebook post from Burger King Thailand declared that the burger was "not for fun, this is for real!" Only available from July 11 to 13, the item is by no means a long term addition to the menu, though it has already caused quite a stir in its short tenure. At a lower price than a normal burger, it wasn't as hard as you would expect to convince curious customers to order the limited-time offering.

However, many of the brave Thai fans who tried the burger found it hard to finish, with one customer describing the experience of biting into a solid brick of cheese "too much" (via The Washington Post).

Is the all-cheese burger a publicity stunt or a genuine menu addition?

The Real Cheese Burger is yes, entirely real. However, it also seems like Burger King Thailand's attempt to go viral, an increasingly common tactic amongst fast-food franchises looking to take TikTok by storm with menu items that have to be ordered to be believed. Attention-grabbing changes to BK's menu haven't always exactly paid off in the U.S — see the various boldly colored Whopper buns over the years — but the cheese-loaded sandwich seems to be generating quite a bit of popularity in Thailand.

Surprisingly, a lot of the comments on the chain's Facebook announcement hinted genuine excitement, with many asking where and when they could order the burger. There were also a fair amount of earnest, positive reviews from customers who had recently tried the cheese sandwich. One commenter wrote: "So much cheese. Only cheese. Cheese lovers will be satisfied." Others recommended heating the burger up at home for maximum meltage, as the cheese slices in the large sandwich are mostly cold.

As if the 20 slices of American cheese weren't enough, some excited customers appear to have asked for extra cheese on their Real Cheese Burger, or added it on their own to create an even larger all-cheese monstrosity. If your Whopper order style says something about you, and cheese-lovers have more fun, asking for extra cheese on an all-cheese cheeseburger should mean fun times 10, right? Perhaps, but it could also just mean a long night on the porcelain throne.