What Your Style Of Whopper Order Actually Says About You

One thing we love about Burger King is that they've always been open to customizing your orders. Decades before Starbucks "secret menu" drinks became an annoying TikTok trend, Burger King released a catchy jingle where a smiling cashier warbled "Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don't upset us ..." Half a century later, you can still have it your way at Burger King. The chain, in fact, is currently advertising the fact that there are 200,000 different combinations for ordering its flagship burger, the Whopper.

Well, we are not about to do the math to check and see whether that claim is true, especially since it's subject to change depending on what your particular BK has on hand as well as what specialty Whoppers are on the menu at any given time. Still, we thought it would be fun to do a deeper dive into a handful of different Whopper preferences. What can we tell about you from how you like to order your Whopper? You might be surprised.

No customizations at all

If you just walk straight into (or drive through) your local Burger King and say "I'll have the Whopper" and you're perfectly content to take it as it comes, this tells us that you are likely to be a traditionalist who thinks that things are fine exactly as they are. The Whopper has been around since 1957, after all, so BK's obviously worked out all the kinks. Why mess with perfection? Either that or you are a current or former fast-food worker and/or are very empathetic and do not want to make any extra work for BK employees, and for this we applaud you.

Extra cheese, please

If you always ask for your Whopper with extra cheese, this may indicate that you are friendly, easy-going, generous, and also a bit of an extrovert. If you're in a relationship or hope to be, there's also a bit of good news from a survey conducted by the dating site Skout (via the Los Angeles Times). It seems that cheese lovers tend to be, er, more romantically satisfied than those who don't eat cheese. We surmise that you're also pretty into sports and would go so far as to speculate that there's a higher-than-average probability you're a Green Bay Packers fan. Either that or you're from West Virginia –- Burger King itself crunched the numbers (as reported in a press release) and found that nearly 75% of Mountain Staters add cheese to their Whopper.

Bring the bacon

If you are all about bacon on your burger, this means that you, sir or madam, are an unashamed, unabashed carnivore and are not keeping kosher or halal. You're not particularly worried about your cholesterol levels, either, and are likely to disregard medical warnings about the possible carcinogenic properties of cured meats. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, as it means that you know how to enjoy life without stressing too much. We're guessing, though, that you may harbor a certain amount of nostalgia for the bacon boom of the mid-20-teens and it's possible that you still have a jar or two of bacon jam in your pantry. What's more, BK's data indicates that it's quite likely that you live in Florida. If not, you may wish to consider relocating to this most bacon-friendly of states.

All the veggies

If your typical Whopper order includes asking for extra tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and pickles, then we'd peg you as being very health-conscious, albeit perhaps ever-so-slightly delusional. After all, it's hardly a salad underneath the garden toppings, is it? No amount of vegetables is going to cancel out the fat and calories of a super-sized burger, nor the carbs of the bun. If, on the other hand, you're going with an Impossible Whopper, hold the cheese, then we're going to guess you're motivated more by ethical concerns. Impossible "meat" may have a few drawbacks, nutritionally speaking, but it's undoubtedly better for the planet (and for cows).

Onions and more onions

Did you know you can order your Whopper topped with either raw onions or fried onion rings? True fans of this aromatic add-on will undoubtedly go for both. If this sounds like you, we're going to guess that you may be a bit of a loner. Either that or you truly don't care what other people think. Of course, there's always a third option: It's possible that you may be a former Boy-slash-Girl Scout who takes that "Be prepared" motto to heart. In this case, it's likely that you never leave home without breath mints to deal with any post-onion odor issues.

Every condiment on offer

Most people will usually go for one condiment on their burger, or perhaps a combination of two. If you want all of the sauces, though, this indicates to us that you're all about balance. You know that ketchup, mustard, mayo, and bbq sauce each have their merits and you want to give them their due without showing favoritism. Were you, perhaps, born under the sign of Libra, or do you have Libra rising? A career in the diplomatic corps might suit you very well. Either that or you could find success as an abstract painter who just wants to mix up all of the different colors and see what happens.

Heaps of hot toppings

If you like to angry up your Whopper with jalapenos and hot sauce, you are probably a bit of a sensation seeker and you like your flavors to be big, bold, and maybe even confer bragging rights. (We sense a TikTok challenge or two in your past.) You may also be quite literally angry at the fact that the Angry Whopper itself is a limited-time item that comes and goes. Hot sauce and hot peppers also do not appear to be standard add-ons available on the regular Burger King menu, so you're justified in being pissed off that you can't actually have it your way.

Triple Whopper with everything

If your go-to order is a triple Whopper with everything, then you are probably very, very hungry. Either that, or you like to share. Perhaps you have dogs and/or a human significant other who will give you those puppy dog eyes until they get a bite and you just know that bite will take half the burger. In this case, you're not only generous but smart to order the biggest burger available so you'll still have some left for yourself. If you are sharing with canine companions, though, we know you're savvy enough to have BK hold the onions, or at least to make sure that your doggos don't get any of these in their portion.