Rustic Smoked Cookies Are Just As Delicious As They Sound

Everybody loves freshly baked cookies. Whether you cherish memories of baking with loved ones during the holidays or of the comforting aroma of homemade cookies after a long day at school, the simple pleasures of cookie baking leave an indelible mark. And if there was an award for the best cookie ever, chocolate chip cookies would hands down claim the title. If you thought you've tried every variation on the classic, brace yourself for a delectable twist: rustic smoked chocolate chip cookies. Put that homemade goodness on the grill, to add a delightfully smoky flavor to the chocolate chip cookie experience.

The method isn't much more complicated than baking cookies in an oven, and you can use this grilling method with any sort of cookie dough. Whether you start with a homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe or use premade store-bought cookie dough, the smoky flavor will take the final product to the next level. Just form the dough into balls and place them on parchment paper on a pan. Then using a good smoker and grill set to about 375 degrees, smoke them for about 12 minutes (or longer if you prefer crunchier cookies). Once they're done, you'll have perfectly golden-brown cookies with a smoky twist. 

Tips for smoking the best chocolate chip cookies

Unlike cooking over direct heat, smoking works its magic through indirect heat. The indirect heat from the smoke should ensure that the bottom of the cookie doesn't burn but you get a crispy, smoky crust. One secret to using a smoker is to give it a few minutes to preheat to allow the first 'dirty smoke' to escape so your cookies don't taste bitter like a chimney. It's also important not to open the grill too early as it will lower the temperature and halt the baking process.

Choose your wood pellets wisely to customize your cookie's unique personality. The choice of wood matters because it unleashes flavors that impart hints of spice, sweetness, and woody notes to the cookies, depending on the type. Many individuals avoid using mesquite or hickory when baking cookies and other desserts. You can experiment, but the best match for baked goods would be something with a sweet flavor profile, like apple, cherry, maple, or oak pellets.

Because cookies don't bake very long, these will have a mild smoky flavor. But you can add more smokiness by cold-smoking the cookies themselves as a final step. You could also try using cold-smoked chocolate chips or nuts, or even adding smoked salt or a smoky spice rub to the batter or on top of the cookies during the process. There's nothing like the aroma and fabulous flavors of a well-smoked cookie.