Got A Notification For A Starbucks Drink You Didn't Order? You're Not Alone

Sure, Starbucks is a coffee chain, but it also hosts one of the largest mobile payment apps in the world — so it's felt far and wide when something goes wrong. With over 31.2 million users, the Starbucks App is second only to Apple Pay in users for a U.S. mobile payment platform and sits comfortably ahead of Google Pay, according to Insider Intelligence. In other words, if you noticed a recent notification snafu and error message on your Starbucks app, you wouldn't have been alone. On July 19, users received a message reading, "Your order is ready!" without actually having ordered anything. When they went to the app to check on their phantom order, many received a witty error message: "We're cleaning up a big spill. While we tidy up, an expert barista can take your order in the store. Thanks for your patience."

Starbucks was quick to speak out on the false notification. "Earlier today, a push notification from the Starbucks app was sent as an error, customers were not charged for an order if one was not placed," a representative wrote in a statement to Business Insider. The rep also indicated that the chain was experiencing a "temporary outage of the order ahead and pay feature" of the app. They added that they would be continuing to serve customers at stores and drive-thrus. The app is now back up and running as normal.

Confused customers took to social media

This isn't the first time there's been an uproar about the Starbucks App, which accounts for about a quarter of all of the chain's transactions. Still, there was a swarm of confusion on Reddit's r/starbucks forum, where one user wrote: "The notification flashed across my screen as I sat, still in my pjs at home, 45 minutes away from the nearest Starbucks. Anyone else? Or did someone get into my account?"

Commenters shared similar stories, including run-ins with the error message when trying to open the app. "RIP people actually waiting for their order to be ready rn" one commenter quipped. Many were afraid that they had been hacked, sharing similar experiences on other mobile ordering apps. They also referenced another hack-like Starbucks app notification in March that read, "Hello test1 from seank." One Reddit commenter wrote: "Sean K. is at it again lol."

A viral post on Twitter read: "Anybody else get a 'your order is ready' notification from the Starbucks app?" Many seconded the experience, with some adding that they were unable to check their order history. "Omg wait yes. Literally been waiting on hold with Starbucks for 31 mins," a Twitter user responded.

We don't know exactly what caused the notification and temporary crash of the Starbucks app this time. However, it's clear once again that with so many active, caffeinated users, any sort of error is bound to cause a big buzz.