Cindy Crawford's Iconic Pepsi Ad Just Received A Margarita Makeover

Perhaps you enjoyed revisiting "Breaking Bad" when Jesse Pinkman and Walter White shared a screen to advertise PopCorners. Or maybe you recall Chevrolet enlisting Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler to reunite as Meadow and A.J. from "The Sopranos." But the queen of throwbacks must be Cindy Crawford, who has now recreated or spoofed her iconic Pepsi ad several times. Her most recent regeneration of the classic commercial features the supermodel alongside actress and comedian Angel Laketa Moore (That Chick Angel) and Saucy Santana for Moore's viral hit "One Margarita."

The opening moments of the video might make viewers think they're Casamigas commercial, as Crawford gets out of a car while donning the recognizable white tank top, Daisy Duke shorts, and big hair, and walks up to the bar. While the bartenders gawk at her, she downs a Casamigas margarita, holds the cool glass against her neck, and is suddenly knocked out of the shot. She's just been hip-checked by Moore, who says, "Give me a 'Rita!"

Many fans were impressed that Crawford decided to appear in the video. "It shows that even the most iconic supermodel who has a very well-curated image and a high-fashion sensibility can just let her hair down ...." Luke Anderson, the video's executive producer told Adweek.

She has remade her Pepsi ad for different reasons

Cindy Crawford's first time slipping back into the tiny jean shorts and tight tank top was in 2016 when she made a parody video with Jame Corden of "The Late Late Show." But when the machine is stuck and her Pepsi doesn't come out, Corden calls out "Cindy! I'll get it!" Corden follows her out of the car wearing the same tight white tank top and cut-off shorts, which doesn't have quite the same effect as Crawford's outfit.

The second time Crawford recreated the classic 1992 commercial was in the 2018 Pepsi Super Bowl ad, alongside her son, Presley Walker Gerber. While it's now her son standing in front of the vending machine, and her outfit isn't as revealing, she drinks the Pepsi with her head tossed back just as memorably as in the original video.

Crawford's last time throwing on the famous outfit was in 2021, which she did to raise money for the American Family Children's Hospital, which treated her brother for cancer. "We returned back to the original Halfway House from the famous [Pepsi] commercial I did in 1992 to recreate the moment," she explained in an Instagram post.