The Fast Food Burger Ice Cube Says Is The GOAT

Everyone's got strong opinions on which fast food place makes the best burger. In a recent episode of the YouTube series "Snacked," legendary rapper Ice Cube sat down with comedian Seth Rogen to discuss some of the favorite foods of their childhoods. For those who are long-time fans of Ice Cube, his favorite fast food burger will probably not come as much of a shock.

"The ultimate burger in California is the Fatburger," Ice Cube revealed as he and Rogen peeled back the wrappers of their burgers. "You're eating a real piece of meat. Fatburger is great," he went on. Over the course of his career, Ice Cube has not-so-subtly given fans hints about his love for Fatburger. In the iconic song "It Was a Good Day," he includes the lines, "No helicopter lookin' for a murder / Two in the morning got the Fatburger," which is just one of many other reasons to love that tune. And in the recent biopic "Straight Outta Compton," the character Ice Cube laments that one of his business partners is already dining on lobster while he and the rest of the group still have to eat Fatburger. It's not hard to imagine the real Ice Cube having some say in that line making it into the movie about his youth — after all, he does consider Fatburger to be the greatest of all time fast food burger.

What makes Fatburger so delicious?

Fatburger, much like Ice Cube, is a Los Angeles native. It got its start as a simple burger stand in 1947, and it has since evolved into a national chain with eccentric offerings like cannabis ketchup. Its burgers use 100% beef, are grilled to order, and come in portions worthy of their name. The medium patty weighs in at ⅓ pound, the large comes in at ½ pound, XXL burgers are a full 1 pound, and then there's the XXXL, which is an unreal 1.5 pounds of beef. Add to that the option to layer on additional toppings like fried eggs, chili, and bacon, and you've got a recipe for burger nirvana (and possible heart palpitations).

The burger that Ice Cube loves, the Kingburger (also known as the large), is one of the items that made Fatburger famous. In the "Snacked" episode, he details that he likes his Kingburger with mayo, a little mustard, an egg, and topped with chili. Although there is a stark lack of vegetables on that burger, there isn't much else to fault with these epic burger toppings. Hats off to you, Ice Cube, because that sounds like an amazing burger. In fact, someone should get on the phone with Fatburger immediately so they can name this order after him.