What Nicole Byer Is Like Behind The Scenes Of Nailed It! - Exclusive

Recently, Mashed sat down for an exclusive interview with Robert Lucas and Erin Jeanne McDowell. They're both professional bakers with big followings on social media and they served as expert coaches on "The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge." This spinoff of Netflix's popular "Nailed It!" is a competition between 10 amateur bakers who are vying for a $100,000 cash prize.

As fans of "Nailed It!" we needed to know what the show's charming, funny host, Nicole Byer, was like when cameras weren't rolling. According to McDowell and Lucas, she was just as delightful and hilarious in person as she is on TV. McDowell went into the show as a self-described Nicole Byer fangirl already, and working with Byer amplified her appreciation for the host's skills. "She sometimes would say a joke and I would still be laughing about it," he told us, "but she would already be onto the next line. That was like, 'She's such a pro because she could deliver it and then just keep going.'"

Lucas echoed McDowell's sentiment, saying of Byer, "She's such a good person. Being a comedian, I know you see it on TV and it's funny, but even when the cameras are off, constantly you're laughing and having a good time."

Nailed It! sounds like a fun set to work on

Byer's constant stream of jokes was just one of the ingredients that made "The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge" such a joy to work on. As McDowell put it, "As much fun as you're going to see when you watch the show, it was that much fun times 10 making it, for sure."

Even though it was a competition show, the baker-contestants got along really well. Lucas recalled, "Even though they're focused on their own things, they will help the next person if they can or give them tips or how they did something, which I thought was really great. It showed the heart of everyone on the show." The two judges loved collaborating, too. "I said it to Robert a million times when we were working on it, but I had such a blast working with him specifically," gushed McDowell.

The friendly, silly vibe of the production was exemplified by a cute backstage moment when Byer and judge Jacques Torres wore fancy outfits during the filming of one episode: "We were taking all these prom pictures backstage of them all dressed up. That was a lot of fun. You'll see that moment when you watch the show, but you won't see the prom moments backstage."

"The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge" is now streaming on Netflix.