The Popular Brand Behind Aldi's Belmont Ice Cream

Hold onto your spoons, because we've uncovered the truth behind Aldi's beloved Belmont ice cream. Drumroll, please ... 

The secret lies in none other than the brand House of Flavors, nestled in Ludington, Michigan. House of Flavors is the mastermind behind Belmont's flavors like Moose Tracks, Brookie Dough, and Butter Pecan that, for Aldi customers, seem to rival Ben and Jerry's in popularity. The connection between Aldi and House of Flavors became public knowledge after a recall in 2014. Essentially, a batch of nuts ended up mixed into its chocolate chip cookie dough recipe, and at least two people experienced allergic reactions as a result. For obvious reasons, House of Flavors had to issue a press release, so if the company was trying to keep its relationship with Aldi a secret, that was the end of the mystery.

But there's more to House of Flavors than meets the eye — or should we say, the spoon. This ice cream powerhouse has more than three thousand different recipes in its arsenal of ice cream. Now, one might wonder why there was ever a shroud of secrecy around House of Flavors and Aldi's relationship. Well, Aldi is no ordinary grocer; it takes its brand identity seriously. According to Aldi, the company meticulously assesses its private brands in top-notch test kitchens, ensuring only the crème de la crème makes it to shelves.

Furthermore, you can also find Belmont, aka House of Flavors, cooking up other interesting products other than ice cream like their chocolate banana pie bites and even cheesecake. So, the next time you indulge in Aldi's Belmont ice cream, remember who's really churning the magic.

Why does Aldi rely on private label brands?

One of the main reasons Aldi opts for private labels is to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. By eliminating intermediary costs associated with national brands, Aldi can directly work with manufacturers and streamline the supply chain, resulting in cost savings they can then pass on to customers. The company's thinking is that private labels allow it to curate a distinct and diverse range of products. 

Whether it's Belmont ice cream or any other private labels at Aldi, it is a strategic move to provide value, maintain quality control, and offer a diverse range of products that cater to their customer base. And if you prefer the national brands other stores have to offer, Aldi has also been sneaking in a few national brands into their rotation.

So, here's the scoop: Aldi's reliance on private label brands like Belmont is no coincidence — it's strategic. Just like Aldi's aisle of shame where you can find a random assortment of different deals, Aldi's frozen aisle is so big it has a following. But before you load up your cart, be sure to check the Aldi website ahead of time to see the latest finds.