Nesquik Steak Is The Stuff Of Children's Nightmares

Everybody's a chef these days. The rise of TikTok has certainly elevated the home cook, with everyone and their grandma wanting to share their secret culinary hacks and creations. However, for every sizzling steak in cowboy butter, there's another encrusted in Flamin Hot Cheetos that's making chefs like Gordon Ramsay cry. However, this TikTok user's latest invention might just be a crime against humanity. Let's take a look at why a Nesquik steak is the stuff of nightmares.

The TikTok video doesn't start off on a promising note. The TikToker bathes a sirloin in an egg bath before giving it a generous coating of Nesquick chocolate powder. After the creator slaps the beef between two soft shell tortillas, the entire "taco" goes straight into a frying pan brimming with crackling oil. All of this prep leads to a final product that is less than appetizing. The tortilla shells were burnt, the chocolate Nesquick powder had been cooked off, and the resulting steak was a palish gray lacking any of the distinctive crust you might find at a steak house.

Fellow Tiktokers were less than amused by this butchery of a perfectly good steak. However, perhaps this TikTok creation was just a misguided attempt at combining two complementary flavors.

Does chocolate and beef go together?

Several commenters on the TikTok video called for the home chef's arrest. One person wrote, "When someone says 'trust the process' do not under any circumstances trust said process." Meanwhile, another commented, "Who hurt you?" Several people took issue with the gray color of the steak as well as incorporating Nesquik into the recipe. But this Tiktoker isn't the first person to try to combine steaks with chocolate.


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There are actually several recipes online that take on this bold mixture of food elements. However, most of these recipes use unsweetened cocoa powder to create a chocolate sauce rather than Nesquick. For instance, you could create a dark chocolate sauce to drizzle on that filet mignon.

There's actually a valid reason to try chocolate and steak together. According to the U.S. Meat Export Federation, chocolate can heighten the flavors of the spices and herbs used in beef. It can balance out some of the savoriness of the meat as well. However, the organization recommends that you don't actually cook your beef in chocolate on the stovetop, as that would make the chocolate burn and turn bitter. Instead, it recommends creating a separate chocolate sauce or cooking your meat in chocolate in a slow cooker. Likewise, it's recommended that you use dark chocolate, not Nesquick or milk chocolate. Your meal will still be complex but not overwhelmingly sweet.