Fusilli Corti Bucati Is The Underrated Shape Perfect For Funkier Pasta Salad

Both convenient and affordable, pasta salad has been a staple of backyard barbecues for over half a century. Yet, in the age of social media — where inspired dishes have become the status quo — showing up to a shindig with a party-sized bowl of cold macaroni doused in mayonnaise may not produce the level of excitement it once did. If you want to upgrade your tired pasta salad to something more Instagram-worthy, allow us to introduce you to fusilli corti bucati. This spiral-shaped pasta with a hollow center can put a fun new spin on your favorite pasta salad recipe.

Originating from the Campania region of Italy, fusilli corti bucati is traditionally made by twisting a spaghetti noodle around a knitting needle to produce a tight coil. Regular fusilli noodles have a distinct corkscrew-like shape and flat surfaces. The process by which fusilli corti bucati is made creates a tighter, bouncier spiral with totally rounded edges that result in a firmer, more toothsome bite. 

What's more, unlike your run-of-the-mill fusilli, fusilli corti bucati is crafted with a hole through the center of the noodle, much like bucatini, which creates a secondary surface for sauces and dressings to cling onto. 

Fusilli corti bucati is the superior pasta salad noodle

With inlets perfectly suited for trapping dressings, sauces, and small chunks of vegetables, traditional fusilli has long been a favorite for making pasta salad. However, fusilli corti bucati,  fusilli's curvier and curlier cousin, works just as well for catching all those pasta salad add-ins. Also, because it has a hollow center, there's an extra crevice for dressing to seep into, allowing the pasta to cook more evenly. This helps you avoid serving mushy pasta salad to your guests. 

While fusilli corti bucati has all the makings of an ideal pasta salad noodle, it is so much more than that! The hearty noodles hold their own in even the heaviest of sauces. For example, the spiralized shape is perfect for catching all the meaty morsels in a classic bolognese. Because of the thickness of the noodles, it can even stand to be cooked into your favorite soup without the fear of pasta falling apart. The bouncy coils also add a layer of fun and flair to any pasta dish, ensuring you will have the most photo-worthy dish at the cookout!